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New Toyota Land Cruiser review


It is perfectly fine, as this modern age tech improved car's 8 speed auto gear comes with 4 wheel drive, switching between 2WD to 4WD, far more easily than manual gear. Only issue with such auto transmission are usually the costs for repair if damaged or thru wear & tear, which will not last long is one uses it for dirt track roads regularly.

It is a very spacious & powerful car to buy, but do consider the more practical daily aspects of use, besides just the cost of fuel.

1. The issue of entering & exiting the car - not suitable for small built or petite Humans as they would have to stretch their legs even with the side step on the car, worse still if one has knee problems, It's ok if one enters or exits it once a day, but if multiple times, probably within 6mths one will sell it away...

2. It is a relatively big car. Fine if one lives in a landed property, but if one has to park it in HDB multi storey carparks or shopping centres which are small, one would have to be very careful manoeuvring it in tight or low ceiling spaces.