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Forget EV's. Wait for toyota baby land cruiser coming soon.

syed putra


Toyota Land Hopper: The Cheapest Land Cruiser Ever May Debut In October As A Compact SUV​

Toyota could unveil the Land Hopper as a competitor to the Ford Bronco Sport at the Japan Mobility Show, with reports suggesting that pricing may begin at less than $27,000


by Andrew Gutman

October 1, 2023 at 14:09
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 Toyota Land Hopper: The Cheapest Land Cruiser Ever May Debut In October As A Compact SUV

The illustrations featured in this story are not related to nor endorsed by Toyota.
Earlier this year, Toyota unveiled the new 250 Series Land Cruiser, marking the highly-anticipated return of the nameplate to the USA, with the same model to be sold as the Land Cruiser Prado in some markets including Europe and Australia. Shortly after, the Japanese automaker teased the shadowy silhouette of a compact off-roader while announcing plans to expand the legendary nameplate, sparking speculation about the potential introduction of another Land Cruiser variant positioned below the 250 Series.
Now, it’s been reported that this “baby” Land Cruiser could go by the name “Land Hopper”, serving as the cheapest point of entry in Toyota’s growing lineup of off-road-ready SUVs.

 Toyota Land Hopper: The Cheapest Land Cruiser Ever May Debut In October As A Compact SUV Illustrations John Halas / Carscoops
According to Best Car Web, the Land Hopper name was registered as a trademark on August 8 with the Japanese Patent Office. The trademark falls under the Class 12 definition, which encompasses such categories as motors and engines for land vehicles, couplings and transmission components for land vehicles, and other parts that may make up said land vehicles.

We should note here that Toyota’s choice of the Land Hopper moniker may be specific to certain markets like Japan, as they might employ a different naming strategy in other regions. For example, they could revive the well-known FJ Cruiser nameplate for the North American market or opt for an alternative name, such as Compact Cruiser, which aligns with the concept believed to preview the production model