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Mahathir said HSR not necessary


Alfrescian (Inf)
HSR is not needed. It'll destroy the environment.

And there's no guarantee that the train rides are cheaper than coach buses, or faster than budget flights. Therefore there is no economic sense to build it.

Only ones butthurt are those property developer/speculator types who had a 'premature ejaculation' after Lee Hsien Loong's ND Rally speech in 2014, where he promised to 'remake' the Jurong Lake area. :rolleyes::biggrin:


Mahathir is still too conciliatory towards Sinkieland, may his successor be far more hawkish. :cool:
M is absolutely clearly right. Why would you want to enhance infrastructures with immediate neighbour in
areas of transition and common perimeters when you ought to beautify and priorotize your home interiors ?
Money channel to build more long islands in Malaicaa Straits near international water lines, narrow the gap make area congested to slow down traffic tremendously, and then collect tolls of ships want fast lanes and safer passage through using Malai water ....

When innee felt ships intruded Innee water they buay tahan build long islands orso and collect tolls too.

Why waste when can collect more money....

Knn... make life hard for CAQ...
Currently it takes slightly over 4 hours to get to butterworth from KL. That means when doubke tracking of ktm track is completed, maybe 3.75 hours between KL to jb sentral or woodlands. And fares are reasonble. HSR fares will be in the hundreds.
Good job.

Tun M should arrange a few nuclear packages from Pakistan and maybe, I hope, Iran goes nuclear soon. Then Iran would be another shopping option.

Store them in East and Peninsular Malaysia. Under some mountains and underground bases. Deep underground. Like 400 metres underground.

Surpass Sinkie underground ammo depot in engineering prowess.

Away from prying Western eyes. Away from Sinkie slanty eyes.

And unleash them on Sinkies when the time is right.

Wish that Prabowo had won Indon election. With Tun M and Prabowo, they could have turned things around easily. Crushed Sinkie Slanty Stinky fags like bugs that they are. All shipping through Malacca, Sunda or other straits within Nusantara would be under Nusantaran control.