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kana puzzling request today...tio.embarassed by housemate


today rain so cannot go cycling. so she said go PS walk walk then have dinner there. then halfway walk walk around PS near Times bookshop, she walking in front like 4 to 5 metres away. i was playing game (or rather collecting credit gems on prescribed timing) on my mobile. then i could see her stopped and turned back to wait for me to reach her. then I reached her, she suddenly whispered in my ear and said: "my bra hook something wrong, can help me hook back". i was like huh? sure boh?!? in public? then she gave me the hurry up impatient look and turned her back to me. then i also didn't know how to start doing this thing, i mean like the bra is inside her T-shirt and cannot see, so fumbled here and fumbled there. then she got frustrated why i took so long and asked me to put my hands into the back of tshirt and rebook....wahlao, got amdl passerby walked by and smiled at me lor, so embarrassing lor...knn


If this not some fantasy but a reality, then there is NOTHING wrong in helping out a fellow Human in need.

Why BOTHER about what others think? They are strangers & do not live your life, knows you in only passing moments if they even bother to remember, but only you can live your own life, be thought of with either fondness & dislikes by the actions you do for those of your own acquaintances

Social etiquette Do plays a part in conservative societies. If it is something that is presumably of no immediate danger to another's life such as the situation you faced, you can always ask the lady to just move to some less passerby areas such as corners or exit staircases to help her out, rather than for her to have issues with her clothes, & also to remind her to do take care of her apparels, so that no more such incidents happen again.

Ultimately, we Humanity will leave no fellow Humans whom have needs, behind, regardless of any situation after critical thinking, if we able bodied Humans have the ability to do so...it is only progress & evolution...

A Singaporean

You should not be put in such an embarrassing situation. In future let me fondle the nee nee I mean bra. Willing to take one for the team.


Your housemate also become your cycling mate, shopping mate, walking mate and dinner mate.

Both of you got mate or not ?

Scrooball (clone)

The next fantasy tale will be how the housemate complain of a terrible itch inside her pussy in the middle of lunch at McDonald’s and request for TS to pull her panty down in public and scratch for her.

red amoeba

Alfrescian (Inf)
Focus on your mobile game lah. It’s her bra let her settle. Do you mean you walk halfway your balls itchy you ask her scratch for you ?


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