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kana puzzling request today...tio.embarassed by housemate

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today rain so cannot go cycling. so she said go PS walk walk then have dinner there. then halfway walk walk around PS near Times bookshop, she walking in front like 4 to 5 metres away. i was playing game (or rather collecting credit gems on prescribed timing) on my mobile. then i could see her stopped and turned back to wait for me to reach her. then I reached her, she suddenly whispered in my ear and said: "my bra hook something wrong, can help me hook back". i was like huh? sure boh?!? in public? then she gave me the hurry up impatient look and turned her back to me. then i also didn't know how to start doing this thing, i mean like the bra is inside her T-shirt and cannot see, so fumbled here and fumbled there. then she got frustrated why i took so long and asked me to put my hands into the back of tshirt and rebook....wahlao, got amdl passerby walked by and smiled at me lor, so embarrassing lor...knn
You finally decided to put your wet dreams on paper. LOL!