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India, muslim friend grooms hindu girl, her friend’s brother uses her as sex slave after conversion and marriage (emulating the Prophet)



In a recent case reported from Firozabad, Uttar Pradesh, a 19-year-old Hindu woman, a resident of the Prakash Nagar Agara-6 area, has recounted her ordeal of being groomed, converted, married and used as a sex slave by Muslims. Speaking to the media, the victim reveals that one of her Muslim friends began trying to convert her to Islam. Then she met her brother, and was soon lured into a relationship with him. She was a studying for a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy; her friend’s brother, Arman Khan, son of Banne Khan, a resident of the Nai Basti area of Firozabad, was a bangles seller. The two eloped; the Hindu girl converted to Islam and then the couple underwent a nikkah, an Islamic marriage.

After the couple eloped, the girl’s family lodged a missing person report at the local police station. The police were successful in finding her. But when presented at the court, she stated that she wanted to stay with Arman. As she was an adult, the court left the decision to her. She abandoned her Hindu family and decided to marry Arman after converting to Islam.

The ordeal began right after this nikkah. The girl was presented to several of her Muslim husband’s friends and forced to sleep with them. This continued for quite some time, until she finally decided to put her foot down.

Arman was regularly violent towards her; one day, after being beaten up by her husband, she approached her landlord and told her story. The landlord contacted Hindu activists from the Hindu Jagran Manch, who rescued the girl.

A FIR was lodged at the South Firozabad police station on Wednesday, May 10. In her complaint, the victim told the police that her husband Arman had assaulted her. Detailing the atrocities she faced during her stay with Arman, the victim said that he drugged her so that he and his friends could have a physical relationship with her. They used to bite her over her body, and there were also burn marks.

Hindu Jagaran Manch activist Madhurima Vashishth recounted: “The accused used to give the woman sleeping pills with a cold drink, he was forcing her to convert to Islam, he even presented his wife as a gift to his friends, who exploited her sexually. He was an alcoholic and used to beat her up now and then.”

The activist also added that when one of her husband’s friends tried to force himself on the victim, she attacked him in self-defense, enraging her husband. He brutally beat her. Frustrated by how her life had turned out, she tried to kill herself by cutting her veins, but somehow survived.

Kamlesh Kumar, the Station House Officer at Firozabad South police station, told the media that the police are investigating the matter. The girl now wants to return to her mother. The mother was always against this alliance and scolded the girl when she learned of her relationship with Arman.

This incident proves that romantic relationships and even friendships with some Muslims are dangerous for a non-Muslim.

A Muslim named Mohammed Shabbir set his Hindu “friend” on fire after pouring gasoline on him, merely because the Hindu man had put Holi colors on him. This further demonstrates that some Muslims look at every unbeliever as a target. All too many are never ready to assimilate, but always ready to unleash mental or physical violence on their unbelieving “friends.”

If they escape getting assaulted or attacked, they may end up joining a terror organization. Let’s talk about 25-year-old Ayesha Jannat Mohana, who was detained in Dhaka, Bangladesh, in July 2020 for having links with Jamaat ul Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB), a designated terror organization in Bangladesh.

Ayesha was an Indian Hindu girl named Pragya Debnath before converting to Islam. A resident of Paschim Keshabpur village in Hooghly, West Bengal, Pragya, she had converted to Islam in 2009 after being influenced by her Muslim “best friend.” Her transformation was beyond praying to a different God. Per the statements by the police who interrogated her, she seemed to have undergone systematic recruitment for jihad after her conversion. Local Salafi clergymen indoctrinated her, and she came in contact with Jamaat ul Mujahideen Bangladesh’s women’s cell.

Such examples are aplenty; they warn against building any bond or camaraderie with Muslim hardliners posing as civilized and harmless fellow citizens, if people are wise enough to read the hints.