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Islamic Honor Killing is Evil Koran Teaching: Hindu man murdered by pious muslims for marrying a Muslim woman



In the Kodarma region of Jharkhand, the police have filed an FIR against an individual named Suleman for allegedly murdering a Hindu man identified as Ghanashyam Das. The accused Suleman is said to have murdered the victim for marrying his niece, Sultana. The FIR in the case was registered on 14th December but it is reported that to date, the police have taken no action in the case.

According to the report by Aaj Tak, Sultana and victim Das were in love. The woman married the latter 3 years after the death of her earlier husband. Sultana was worried about the future of her two kids so she decided to marry Das after falling in love with him.

While the family of the woman had no problem with her second marriage to a Hindu, her maternal uncle, Suleman, had warned her regarding the marriage. He had threatened that he would do something unfavourable to stop the marriage. While the two married without any incident, the accused murdered Das 10 months after he tied the knot with Sultana.

Suleman is said to have spiked drinks offered to Das with poison, after which he immediately passed away. The accused believed that the woman had sinned by marrying a man belonging to the Hindu religion.

The woman has appealed to the police to take strict action against the accused. She said that she expects justice to be delivered to her second husband who was brutally murdered by the accused. The murder is said to be executed on 13th December, and the police filed an FIR in the case on 14th December.