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India: Muslim sentenced to life imprisonment for killing nine-month-pregnant sister who converted to Hinduism and slited the husband's throat to death




A bloodcurdling incident from 2016 has come to the fore from Maharashtra’s Thane after the sessions court handed down a life sentence to a man named Shafique Mansuri for killing his pregnant sister, who had converted to Hinduism to marry a Hindu man, in an “honour killing” case. The woman’s husband, Vijay Shankar, was murdered by the accused.

Mansuri, employed at a Jari factory in Mumbai, was also fined a total of Rs. 1,10,000 by Additional Sessions Judge DS Deshmukh.

Convicted under Section 302 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) for murder, Mansuri’s victims were identified as Vijayshankar Yadav, 30, and his wife Priya Yadav, 22. Priya, who had converted from Muslim to Hinduism to marry Vijay Shankar, resided in Mumbai’s Shil-Phata locality and was expecting at the time of their deaths.

The couple had eloped from their Uttar Pradesh village to settle in Thane, facing opposition from Priya’s family. Despite the police confirming their marital status and allowing them to continue living together, Priya’s family remained staunchly against the union.