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India: Hindu woman and her 2 children kept captive by Muslim family, gangraped, force-fed beef and converted to Islam



A Hindu woman from Gurugram has said that she and her 2 children were held captive in a house in Moradabad, UP by a Mulsim family, where she was gangraped and she and her children were also forcibly converted to Islam in a nearby mosque.
As per a report in Hindustan, the woman got introduced to a Muslim man in Gurugram in 2014 as he was a friend of her husband. The accused used to work as a contractor, and he got close to the woman by offering to help her after her husband mysteriously ‘disappeared’. He gradually lured her into a relation and raped her after promising to marry. He clicked some private photos and then started blackmailing her.
In December 2019, the accused took her and her two children to his village in Mundapande police station area of Moradabad district, in western UP. First he took her and the children to a mosque and got them converted to Islam. Then she was made captive in his house, and the women of the family used to guard her to ensure she doesn’t leave. The accused Muslim man’s brothers gang-raped her. When she protested, they threatened to kill her and her children. The family also forced her to have beef.
Somehow the woman managed to escape and returned to Gurugram with her children. But the accused didn’t leave her alone – he landed up in Gurugram and forced her to return after physically assaulting her. On Dec 25, 2023, he also had a second nikah with another woman.
The woman then approached the police SSP with her complaint and demanded justice.
One hopes that the police also investigate the disappearance of the woman’s first husband – it wouldn’t be the first time a Hindu man was murdered so that an Islamist could have relations with his wife.
Many such incidents of married/estranged non-Muslim women and their children being forcibly converted to Islam and exploited by Islamist men have come to light. In 2021, a Sikh woman entered into a relationship with a Muslim man from Rampur, UP after her husband’s death, and her two sons were forcibly circumcised. In 2022, an abandoned Hindu woman Pinki in Ghaziabad was offered shelter and support by a man whom she assumed was Hindu, but later found out was Muslim. Pinki was assaulted and her infant circumcised, before she managed to escape. In 2020, Priya Chaudhary and her minor daughter Kashish were brutally murdered by Mohammad Shamshad aka ‘Amit Gurjar’ who met Priya online after her divorce. In many other cases, Hindu girls who are groomed into relationships by Islamist men, are subjected to horrific abuse in their marital homes such as being asked to sleep with their father-in-law.
It is also relevant to note that such Islamist crimes are rife in many hotspots across the country, with western UP districts like Moradabad being a major hub. Here are some recent cases from the district: in December last year, a 7-month-pregnant woman and her husband were returning home in the same Mundapande area when they were waylaid and the woman gangraped by 3 Muslim men. The same month, one Rasuddin raped a 15-year-old Hindu girl while she was cutting grass. In November, a case emerged of a mason named Furkan Ali posing as Sultan Singh to trap & kidnap a girl – Ali had come to her house to build a toilet as part of a govt. scheme.
October saw a horrific case of gang-rape: a 19-year-old girl was kidnapped from Sambhal by two Muslim men and taken to Moradabad. She was kept for 20 days in a house and gang-raped by 5 Muslim men, while two Muslim women kept watch. She somehow managed to escape and filed a complaint with help of her brother.
In June, a 24-year-old Muslim man was arrested for abducting and raping a 17-year-old Hindu girl. In May, Imran Mansoori posed as Rahul to trap a Hindu minor girl by creating a fake Instagram account, while a married man Mohd. Jamal posed as Sonu to trap a Hindu woman, converted & married her, then gave triple talaq. In August 2022, two brothers Firoz and Zahir Alam barged into the home of a woman in the Nagphani area of Moradabad and raped her after threatening her with a pistol.
This pattern stretches back decades, but seems to have become far more normalized now, unlike the serious rioting which followed such heinous crimes in the past. In 1980, the gangrape of a Hindu SC (Dalit) girl by Muslim men led to communal riots that claimed over 100 lives.


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India is similar to Africa, the further north you go, the greater the chances of you being 'well taken care of' by these 'peaceful abstainers from pork'. :cool: