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India: School girl converted, raped and pushed in front of moving train, died being cut into two by brutal muslim



The girl was a class 12 student who was going to fill the improvement form when she was abducted by the accused Fariyad.​

In a heart-wrenching incident in Bareilly district of Uttar Pradesh, a Muslim youth forcibly converted and raped a Hindu girl. Later. he brutally murdered her by pushing her in front of a moving train. Surprisingly, the case was not registered for almost 12 hours because the police were embroiled in the jurisdiction dispute of the crime spot. The case was finally registered after the Hindu organisations intervened and pressurised for quick action.

Student forced to convert to religion

The victim girl was a student of class 12. It has been alleged that a boy named Fariyad was harassing the student for a long time. Fariyad forcibly raped the girl and then got her converted to Islam. Later, Fariyad kidnaped the girl and pushed her in front of a moving train in the Fatehganj East police station area, resulting in her tragic death.

Police embroiled in jurisdsiction dispute

Surprisingly, the body of the girl remained lying on the side of the track for several hours because the police were involved in a jurisdiction dispute. When the case was not registered against the accused for several hours, Hindu organisations started protesting by placing the dead body in front of the police station and raising slogans against the police administration, As the matter escalated, police officials reached the spot and registered an FIR. Twelve hours later, Shahjahanpur district police sent the body of the student for post-mortem.

SP South Manush Pareek said that the body of a student was found near the railway track. Shahjahanpur police got the student's post-mortem done. He said that the accused had also been arrested. A case has been registered against the accused under serious sections like Religious Conversion Act, POCSO, rape, kidnapping and murder.