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Hong Kong former beauty queen and actress Bonnie Lai, 46, commits suicide


As the Chinese saying goes...红颜薄命 (Pretty woman tend to have a bad life with tragic ending)


Hong Kong former beauty queen and actress Bonnie Lai, 46, commits suicide​

Hong Kong former beauty queen and actress Bonnie Lai, 46, commits suicide

PHOTO: Instagram/Bonnie Lai

Hong Kong former actress Bonnie Lai died today (Dec 26) aged 46.

She had committed suicide by allegedly burning charcoal in her home and was later found unconscious by one of her sons this afternoon, reported several Hong Kong publications.

She later died at the hospital.

When contacted, her first husband, Hong Kong action actor Kenneth Low, confirmed her death.

Bonnie entered showbiz after emerging runner-up of Miss Asia 1995 beauty pageant. Her first drama was Vampire Expert II in 1996 and she also played Simon Yam's girlfriend in the 1996 movie Young and Dangerous 3.

She married Kenneth in 1998 and had two sons with him. They divorced in 2006 and in the following year, she married a doctor and subsequently had another two sons.

Just last night, Bonnie posted several photos of a Christmas feast on her Instagram Story. Members of the public have taken to the comments section in her last post on Oct 2 — ironically to celebrate her third son's 16th birthday — to express their disbelief and condolences.


I never see her before.
In young & dangerous playing Simon yam wife was another different actress.


Weird le. No resemblance at all.
It her la, see pic in the Viet link below. But weird thing is, she seems to look prettier as she age...more laochio..LOL:

Google translate from Vietcong language:

Even though she only appeared for a few minutes, this beauty's semi-nude scene was praised for being sexier than the female lead.

Movies of beauty Le Thuc Hien suddenly become hot again - 1

Recently, Hong Kong's HK01 newspaper published the most daring hot scene in the series The Wanderer . This is the scene where the gangster boss's girlfriend is forced by another gang to strip, take hot photos and act in adult films, played by Le Thuc Hien.

The movie of beauty Le Thuc Hien suddenly becomes hot again - 2

Wanderer 3 was released in 1996. After 25 years, the film's appeal still shows no signs of "cooling off". The Wanderer is a movie series about gangsters that is popular in Hong Kong. The film brings together many handsome men such as Trinh Y Kien, Tran Tieu Xuan, Ngo Chan Vu, Nham Dat Hoa, Ta Thien Hoa and many beautiful women such as Le Tu, Khau Thuc Trinh, Mac Van Uy, Thu Ky, Le Thuc Hien … Among the movies, The Wanderer 3: Covering the Sky with One Hand is considered the best and most dramatic.

In part 3, Le Thuc Hien takes on the role of Phuong Dinh - a famous star and also the lover of gangster Tuong Thien Sinh (Nham Dat Hoa). With beautiful beauty, Le Thuc Hien is an actress who makes as much impression as the female lead played by Le Tu.

Movies of beauty Le Thuc Hien suddenly became hot again - 3

Because she is so beautiful, Phuong Dinh falls into the sights of another gang led by a big brother nicknamed Black Crow (Truong Dieu Duong). He plans to kill tycoon Chiang Thien Sinh and blame this crime on the male lead Tran Hao Nam (Trinh Y Kien). To make the plan successful, Black Crow kidnapped Phuong Dinh, forcing her to strip down to take hot photos and act in adult films.

Movies of beauty Le Thuc Hien suddenly became hot again - 4

Initially, Phuong Dinh agreed to take off his shirt so the Black Crowes could take pictures in the hope of being able to escape from the thugs. However, when forced to act in an 18+ movie, the tycoon's girlfriend protested. In the 90s, filming hot movies was one of the ways to help beauties become famous.

Le Thuc Hien's hot, semi-naked strip scene. This is also the only movie she accepted to "take off" because of the character's script content. HK01 newspaper said that the scene where Le Thuc Hien is forced to take nude photos by Truong Dieu Duong is considered the most impressive scene in the movie.

Because he did not want to act in a hot movie, Phuong Dinh agreed with Black Crow to plan to trap and kill his lover, tycoon Tuong Thien Sinh, and blame the male lead Tran Hao Nam (Trinh Y Kien). At the boss's funeral, the girlfriend colluded with the Black Crow to corner Tran Hao Nam and was chased by other gangs.

Movies of beauty Le Thuc Hien suddenly became hot again - 5

In addition to The Wanderer 3 , Le Thuc Hien also participated in another movie with many equally sexy scenes, Bio-Zombie in 1998.

Movies of beauty Le Thuc Hien suddenly become hot again - 6

Le Thuc Hien (English name is Bonnie Lai) was born in 1976 in Hong Kong. After winning the Miss Asia runner-up award in 1995, Le Thuc Hien signed a contract with ATV television station to be an actress and MC. The 7X beauty has participated in many movies such as Bao Thanh Thien: Three Inquisitors, Hung Thur, Thich Thi Dao Truong 2, Tuyet Hoa Than Kiem 1997, Princess Lan Que Ward 7, International Pictures, Dragon's Color Change, . ...

Currently, Le Thuc Hien has left the entertainment industry. She spends her time taking care of her small home. At the age of 45, the actress still maintains her youthful and sexy beauty.

Movies of beauty Le Thuc Hien suddenly became hot again - 7

Le Thuc Hien went through two marriages. Her ex-husband is Lo Hue Quang - a famous former Muay Thai champion in Hong Kong, who was Jackie Chan's effective assistant and bodyguard and also a famous actor in Hong Kong. The two have 2 sons together. However, the marriage did not last long as the couple divorced in 2006. After breaking up, the runner-up quickly remarried cosmetic doctor Hua Tri Chinh and gave birth to two more sons.

Movies of beauty Le Thuc Hien suddenly become hot again - 8

Le Thuc Hien shows off photos taken with her husband and four sons. The actress proudly introduced herself as a mother of four children on Instagram. Most of her time, she spends taking care of and raising her children.

Movies of beauty Le Thuc Hien suddenly become hot again - 9

In her free time, Le Thuc Hien goes to the gym and bodybuilder to stay in shape. On social networks, many fans praised the youthful beauty of the 7X runner-up.