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Serious From 22 April 2019 (Monday) onwards, we shall know if @ginfreely is TRULY Madam "Wong Hwee Ling Patricia", and this TRUTH shall set us FREE! hahaha


You're aware she's still on talking terms with her ex-husband and on her own admission, she used his accounts before.
Any possibilities her ex-husband could be begged, cajoled, or even threatened to post on her behalf after the stipulated date you've mentioned...
Dear @zhihau-san, many thanks for gracing my humble thread by posting its very first reply!

And yes, it's certainly possible for @ginfreely's ex-husband to use her account to post, but I dare say that it's highly unlikely! :smile:
Also, even if her ex-husband or anyone else (such as @Leongsam! :tongue: ) were to use her account to post, I think it's very safe to say that nobody in the world can accurately impersonate her AND will bother to spam so many times nearly everyday, right? :smile:
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Another filthy whore mother son harassing a virgin. Pui at your smelly mouth!

I know I know!


Koraking and jollying with

Not counted hor

No bangla langjeow or angmoh or chink or nigger langjeow tiewing the hai is ok as only when hai is tiewed with langjeow that you no longer a virgin.

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Proven you have ccb mouth indeed. Everything I said here is truth. @musashi the son of Hakka whore mother will surely die a horrible death for spreading lies and harassing me, just like it latha and lj mccully. Pui!


Of course I am entertaining if not he won’t say it is. My English A1 is not for nothing you know. Obviously my English composition was entertaining to get A1.
Btw my O level composition was about my Cantonese neighbour stealing our newspapers - a true story. Come to think of it, heaven had been giving me signs on Cantonese since day one but I had so much faith on people to ignore it and still hired the lazy Cantonese bitch accountant. Very stupid indeed.