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final result : Traffic Cones 1 - Cyclist 0


Alfrescian (Inf)
If you want to race at all costs, then you must bear the costs ... don't blame the cones or the weather or the guy in front of you if you got hurt. Be a man... and admit you screw up. You bang the cones intentionally ... because you thought they were cool and sexy.


Alfrescian (Inf)
I have nothing against cyclist who cycle on the main road-its the ones who cycle on pedestrian walkways that are a threat to our safety and yet the PAP allows them to do it.
What kind of govt allows a small minority (cyclist) to threaten the safety of the majority (pedestrians) -is it because PAP Ministers, MP's and senior civil servants drive and are therefore not at risk.
Vote the PAP out
Chiak Sai! Nuisance on the road never pay road tax COE ERP hog the whole fucking road for entertainment and sport when the fucking primary purpose of roads for commuters already in harsh inadequacy and fucking unsafe and fucking expensive in fucking Pee Sai.

Better all get killed in construction sites, fell into holes & die, crushed by ABNN trucks and die. Leaving limbs and heads rolling on the roads and wrecked bikes.