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HARD Talk.

Churchill's famous dictum, bitter after losing an election he should have won : "
Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time." (from a House of Commons speech on Nov. 11, 1947)

He returned to power in 1951.

The modern (American) interpretation of democracy differs from the original which is founded on Liberalism (Protection of private property)

The shortcomings of democracy includes
- Increase in the price of justice and protection met by the drop in quality of both.
- Government debts are higher & increase ever faster
- Government is not interested in perserving & improving capital values.
- Governments' purpose include redistribution of the people's private properties. - Taking and giving away one's private properties is not shameful or immoral in a democracy, thanks to Robin Hood.

Do you still want to migrate to a democratic country?

Bruno. Freedom and the Law.
Friedrich. Law Legislation & Liberty.
Bertrand. Sovereignty: An inquiry into the Political Good. University of Chicago. pp172-173, 189
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Alfrescian (Inf)

Standup Economist Comedian.

For anyone who migrate to a 'real' democracy and finally has to vote, and cannot figure out the politics, Eg the left wing, right wing or ... chicken wing.
There is also a nice section on swing voters which you should not miss. Because all of us believe in magic.

Also suitable for people who got sick of voting.
If you laugh non-stop throughout the video, you are not alone.
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(Original post deleted)

I wonder why there are writer(s) who seem to want to deny people the right to information by posting rubbish on this thread.
While it is true that these writer have a secret agenda such as working for the Internet Brigade, I cannot delay that they may also be mentally unstable.

It is a fact that mental health services are lacking in Singapore.
It is also a fact that Singapore control its media.

Good luck to the trolls. Doing a disservice to readers.

I leave it to the readers to decide what contents they wish to take in.

This post gives food for thought. The good stuff is here, sandwiched by 2 halves of the plain bun. :biggrin:
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Can Singaporeans go overseas on Working Holiday visa?

A working holiday visa is a travel permit which allows travellers to undertake employment in the country issuing the visa for the purpose of supplementing their travel funds.

Most working holiday visas are offered under reciprocal agreements between certain countries, to encourage travel and cultural exchange between their citizens.

There are often several restrictions on this type of visa:

  • many are intended for young travellers, and as such have an age restriction (usually 18-30 or 35)
  • there are usually limits on the type of employment taken, or the length of time the traveller can be employed.
  • the visa holder is expected to have sufficient funds to live on while they seek employment

The originating countries in this were Japan, Australia, New Zealand and Canada, which all wished to allow their young people to visit the United Kingdom.

It allows young people to experience living in a foreign country, without undergoing the usual costly expenses of finding work sponsorship in advance, or going on expensive university exchange programmes.

In Japan there is a Working Holiday Maker Alumni association, which gives seminars and orienteering to Japanese working holiday goers.

New Zealand

Available to citizens of Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Latvia, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Peru, Poland, Singapore, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States of America, and Uruguay.
Australia has reciprocal visa arrangements with New Zealand and Australian citizens are able to live and work in New Zealand at any time and for any duration, regardless of their age or education. Although entry may be denied on the basis of prior criminal convictions.
Conditions vary between countries.

Most travellers can enroll in one training or study course of up to three months duration during their visit
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This post, like 2 more above, will be sandwiched by that loser, Eric_Lum, again. Alas!
Waiting for him/her/it to take the bait ....
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Migrants: Be aware of the difference Between Western & Eastern Culture

Deduction & Induction

Everyone uses some form of reasoning to draw conclusions.

In the West, deduction is the norm.
In the East, induction is the norm.

For Westerners, induction is considered to be a fallacious form of reasoning that leads to conclusions that cannot be supported.
For Easterners, we find the Angmo stupid/dumb because of their flow of reasoning. On the other hand, we seek harmony and balance.

Deduction is reasoning from a general principle or statement to a specific example.
A famous example of this would be: If man is mortal and Socrates is a man, then Socrates is mortal.

Induction is reasoning from a specific example to a general principle or statement.
An example of this would be: If Socrates is dead and Socrates was a man, then man can die.

Inductiive reason by Confucianism, Taoism, Shinto, Hinduism and Buddhism- all ultimately arrive at the universal concept of "the One", "Oneness of heaven and men", the "divine law" behind the Vedas, the "merger of Brahman and atma" or "ultimate reality", the underlying inductive principle being that:

All observed things are connected, therefore all things are one.

In inductive reasoning, one induces the universal "all things are one" from the particular "all things" that are "observed". The conclusion may be sound, but cannot be certain.

The West, on the other hand, separates God and the world.
Eg. How many times have Christians being preached to learn to live IN the world but NOT PART OF the world.
After all, we are not HIM, but created by HIM: "Then God said, Let us make man in our image; in the image of God he created him."

Accordingly, in Western classrooms we teach an analytic "concrete reality" based on conditioned textual analysis and interpretation of the world, rather than a holistic "absolute reality".

A Kiwi Angmo Prayer:
"God, forgive our Asian spouses for being unreasonable, for they are inducting ....."

(This is fun :biggrin:)

[20 mins Later...]
Bingo! :cool: It works everytime! I just have to put in Eric_Lum, and dennisb take over. The troll(s) just cannot help it. "They" lost!

How silly can that troll gets. cracked his dumb brain to come out with such feeble idea!

You can't save a loser!

Some people tried, and failed! (The ones who said "I do not care how the rich, the rich are, I just care how rich, the poor are")
I prefer "I just give dignity and care to the poor"

If only my fishing trips are so successful. I need a more advanced fish finder ...
But the lobster season catches are getting better, the heads are getting harder now.

I have enough fun for today.
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Alfrescian (Inf)
Migration to Western countries ... I finally decided to pen this down.

Do not believe totally in any politician/government words, look at the deeds.
- Politicians are out to win votes. They will never dare to tell you the truth.

Do not trust totally the mass media because of the publisher's agenda, quality of the journalism, including the sacrifice of accuracy over speed to release the news. Negativity and sensationalism sells. That's life.

Trust independent information and independent analyst.

Eg Australia's RBA lower interest rates by 25 basis point.

The politicians will be telling the banks to cut rates after telling the people how great Aussie banks are doing.
Yes, the credit rating agencies put Aussie banks right at the top compared to Singapore banks.
There is political mileage to be gained from a rate cut. The Best Govt Treasurer of the World (voted by :biggrin: Euromoney:*::eek::rolleyes:) want to show that he is doing the right thing by the people.

But watch what the banks are doing, they delay passing on the interest rate cuts to home loans and announce that they may not follow RBA on future rates cuts.
What the banks are telling us.
"Shit! It is pre Xmas and the cost of borrowing has gone up, and you have this politician telling us to cut rates. Bloody Hell! My profits are down. Bad bad bad". Aussie banks can never meet the capital requirements for loans from the domestic market and need to borrow overseas, unlike Singapore or Hongkong.

The independent analysts are telling us that the Aussie banks are not doing that well, simple maths should what is really happening. Independent data can also be obtained by FOI.

What I predict from independent information is:
The banks will move away from doing political sensitive business, eg selling homeloans to maybe selling busisness loans.

The banks will also start retrenching staff to meet profit projection. Blame it on the cut in interest rates and the move away from housing loans?
There may be other actions ...

But in the end, everyone is stuffed!
The Australian PM telling everyone that they have room to reduce interest rates.
But she knows that if she push the banks too much, they will fail and need to be bailed out!
She cannot possibly tell the people the hard truth or her political career is truly over!

That is how the whole wayang thingy works between govt and people, whether it is from A to Z, Australia, China, Japan, Singapore or Zimbabwe. The people are fed what they want to hear, or half-truths.

*** APRA request that Aussie banks have to go thru a STRESS test for a 12% unemployment, property collapse and economic recession at the same time as the Tresuary made this bold public statement, announce that Aussie banks are even stronger & more stable today than they were b/f the global financial crisis"" We will only know the stress test results in few months.

What does it means for would be migrants?

Unlike UK and continental Europe (Norway excluded because of oil reserve), Australia is lucky to have wealth hidden in its sand and sea. What this translate to is that Australians can still be laid back and still enjoy the wealth which it has not laboured for. Given the under-populated country, this country will still be alright for the 21st century, unless we have a corrupt and greedy govt like the ones in Africa and Mid East.

Many western countries have aging population with not enough economic productive replacement - demographics (except Aus, & USA) This will add burden to the working population and lower the standard of living for the pensioners, considering the on-going decade economic slowdown. Also western Europe has been living on borrowed money for so long, they now have the double whammy of having to payback those "borrowing" and not having enough working people to work off the loans.

The best solution is for them to declare bankrupt and start over again.

What will happen to Singapore? Its GDP now depends on imported people. It also cannot bring in any more people without someone falling into the sea - too overcrowded. When there is no jobs and its migrants had to leave, the economic set back will be terrible.
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Migrant Wealth Building Tip

In Singapore, it is still common to hear people talk about savings and working long hours as part of wealth accumulation.

And when they moved to Australia, they are stumped by "high" taxes on these wealth accumulation strategies.

The Oz tax system is a different creature for Singaporeans.

1. It penalises the accumulation of wealth through savings and labour.
(Eg Singapore savings bank interest is tax-free, in OZ under recent changes, only the first $1ooo is tax-free. B/f, all interests are taxed, up to >40%)

2. It rewards the accumulation of wealth through speculation and borrowings.
(Eg remember franking credits? There are also negative gearing on property/shares, generous tax break on capital Gains and Superannuation -esp SMSF)

Why is wrong with the tax system?
Taking property as an example.

Unlike Singapore where there is HDB, OZ does not have such intrusive housing scheme to regulate prices and demand.

Public housing are for the poor. Why should the non-poor live in project housing when they should have their private property.

To increase the new housing stock, negative gearing is promoted. Unfortunately, such blunt tax tool have their loopholes and investors are buying existing properties and not adding to the new housing stock. But without such tax policies, the situation will be worse as city dwellers will have living like the poorer sections of HongKong people, living in cages and cubicles.

So Singapore's HDB scheme is a good one addressing people's housing needs,giving people a decent home on a 99-year lease.
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Do consider me as a loser...
I have a 1/2 naked chicken and a fully dressed chicken earning "discreet" money in Brisbane.
I have depression recently, but cured after SG Geylang site visit..
My company has not sack me but put me into cold storage (冷宫).
My EBA negotiation, I am asking for >20% in salary + professional allowance.
I am useless... loser... can't fit into the compliance environment :-(

welcome to the losers thread



i know your history of staring into the ceiling fan on your sleepless nights, tales of trying to con fellow immigrants, empty boasts on internet, try getting into mining industry just to name a few. YES you definitely fit the profile of a LOSER to a tee.
Bro, what's wrong of staring ceiling fan for 2hrs? I wonder if you have the 'time' to do that in SG?

B4 Australian Day, I chatted with my retiree mates until 2.30am and slept the whole afternoon - rejecting my Barbie mates on Australian Day.

Getting lazy these days.... Hey, today is Friday ! TGIF !


You bo chuck sickie ah ?

Bro, what's wrong of staring ceiling fan for 2hrs? I wonder if you have the 'time' to do that in SG?

B4 Australian Day, I chatted with my retiree mates until 2.30am and slept the whole afternoon - rejecting my Barbie mates on Australian Day.

Getting lazy these days.... Hey, today is Friday ! TGIF !


Bo chup sinkies ? haha.. Shhh.. they are here ! haha..

I mixed with an ex-SG PR unreliable stocks guru.. and a ex-NUS microHARD guru..

Due to pro-long kopi session.. I gave a 'pass' - with apology to my mates during Australian Day.

You bo chuck sickie ah ?


I have few Lion friends around, no Aussie can touch us ! Haha..

Of course, those boneless chickens or soft shell crabs will be eaten alive in Australia !

Check out the website.. No holds barred ! My mate took the Council to Supreme Court and won !


Court gives cars a park in Lower Templestowe Council2 Nov 11 @ 06:00am

Alex Hoe and wife Kaz are in dispute with council over the number of cars he has on his property. Picture: Michelle Kelcey
LOWER Templestowe motor enthusiast Alex Hoe has partially won a Supreme Court battle to keep his collection of 10 sports cars on his block.

But his fight to enjoy his hobby at home looks set to continue with the Manningham Council flagging further legal action.

Representing himself, Mr Hoe - who races and exhibits his cars in auto salon shows - took the council to Victoria’s highest court this month risking a legal bill of more than $35,000.

It followed council action last year ordering his collection of cars - parked at the front, side and rear of his house - to be reduced from 10 to four.

In a monumental decision last week, Justice Robert Osborn ruled the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal decision, on which the council based its order to remove the cars, should be changed. Specifically, Justice Osborn said the declaration that Mr Hoe’s hobby changed his land use from dwelling to “store” under the Manningham Planning Scheme - making it unlawful without a permit - should be deleted.

Justice Osborn said although Mr Hoe does need a council permit, he could be eligible to have his property classified as a “car park”.

Unlike a store, a car park permit would not require Mr Hoe to have his cars in a building and would mean he could live at the site.

But until Mr Hoe gets the car park permit, the council considers his land - with the cars - in breach of the planning scheme, leaving him open to enforcement action.

Council director of planning and environment Paul Molan said it was yet to be tested whether someone in Mr Hoe’s situation qualified for a car park permit.

However in a statement, council chief Lydia Wilson raised the prospect of further legal action.

She said the council was “‘concerned about the precedent that an approval could set”.

“It is not considered in the interests of the community to transform private residential land into car parking,” she said.

Mr Hoe said the Supreme Court ruling proved the council made a mistake.

He called for them to sit down with him and discuss the matter.

“They need to take a sensitive and practical approach rather than a regimental one,” Mr Hoe said.

you guys can 'mate here mate there' 'good day here good day there' + speak with your fake aussie accent the whole day if u like. end of the day the australians will still regard u as some 3rd world pariahs.

sad hor. :(
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Fook Seng

Alfrescian (Inf)
Eric_Lum said:
you guys can 'mate here mate there' 'good day here good day there' + speak with your fake aussie accent the whole day if u like. end of the day the australians will still regard u as some 3rd world pariahs.

sad hor. :(
The only good thing is that they can mate anywhere.


Alfrescian (Inf)
Re: ~~~~~~~~

Students' Best Way to Stay -- Get a Job

Although it was published in the Saturday, May 19, 2012 edition of The Toronto Star, it is not on the online edition, and therefore, I will provide a summary of Allan Thompson's response to a question from one of the readers (or may be, I copy and type it).

Question: I am an international student who will soon be graduating from a four-year bachelor's program, and i would like to know what steps I will need to take to apply for landed immigrant status in Canada.

Answer: (he also provided the following url -- www.cic.gc.ca/english/e-services/post-grad.asp and www.cic.gc.ca/english/department/media/notices/notice-changes.asp

There are two options. you can apply right away for permanent resident status (the new term for what was called landed immigrant status). Or you can take advantage of the Canadian Experience Class, which has a special stream for international students who have studied in Canada and gained work experience before applying for permanent resident status.

If you take the first option, your application for permanent resident status would be considered based on your credentials at present and will be in competition with all others from around the world.

It might be to your advantage to pursue the second stream, created to encourage international students with particular job skills to stay permanently. the first step upon graduation is to apply for a Post-Graduation Work Permit. These work permits may be valid for up to three years with no restrictions on the work you can do or where.

International students can apply online at www.cic.gc.ca/english/e-services/post-grad.asp. To ensure that you can eventually apply for permanent residence under the Canadian Experience Class, at least one year of work experience under the permit must be in a profession that is set out in something called the National Occupation Classification.

In a nutshell, the program is designed for people who have worked in managerial positions, professional jobs or technical occupations or skilled trades. these are jobs ranked at Skill Type O, or Skill Level A or B under the National Occupation Classification.

You can consult this classification system directly to see if the type of work you intend to do would qualify you for the Canadian Experience Class. Go to www.cic.gc.ca/english/department/media/notices/notice-changes.asp.

Full-time work experience means working at least 37.5 paid hours per week. Experience gained while you were studying does not count towards the required one-year.

Allan Thompson's World Citizen appears every other week. E-mail to [email protected]


Re: ~~~~~~~~

Hi Charlie,

I chose this way to get into Canada. Seems like a better way. You get assimilated much easier. Getting a job though tough is better than those who just land with a PR.


During investigations into his immigration offences, it was found that Davies had provided forged educational certificates to support his Singapore Citizenship application in 2002.

He was further found to have concealed and failed to declare in the application, that he had previously held the passport (and thus citizenship) of a third country," said MHA.


99% of Tiongs and 99.5% of Ah Nehs have made false declarations or withheld material facts at some point in their lives.