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'Deeply offensive': Singapore rebuts Economist column questioning CPIB's independence


It's very simple really. No need to think too complicated. Suppose the PM is corrupt. Does the CPIB investigate him? Or is there a conflict of interest since the CPIB is under the PMO? :wink:

This is what happens when your totalitarian shithole regime does not have separation of power (三权分立) and have one political party bao gar liao (一党专政). You will always end up with the trashiest government. :biggrin:

And if you think that's a worthy sacrifice for 'prosperity' or 'stability' or whatever nonsense they constantly try to sell you (e.g. 'social compact')... you'll eventually find out the hard way that it is NOT a good deal. :cool:
It IS a good deal, not for u may be. :cool:


Following the pap's playbook, The Economist will be sued and made to pay a hefty fine. If it fails to do that, it will be banned in sg. Deja vu siah.

Ban selling physical copies? Almost all print magazines are moving to fully online format.

Block them from SG? Watch and see how many foreign C-suite directors, UHNWs, and expats in SG will jump at the PAP. I think people grossly overestimate the amount of goodwill such groups and powerful interests still hold towards SG, especially after the Covid pandemic.