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Business ideas.


Right now I don't have children yet.
Using my last bit of money I set up office
doing painting cleaning and viynel flooring
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I thinking of selling my parents yishun flat.
I really hate yishun.Now rented by cheapo indians
Northpoint fill up with crazy ppl and ah mengs.


Are u Mani?

Mani Malaichamy proudly surveys his Kaki Bukit office, filled with barrels of paint in different colours, before opening the door to show me his new 2.4 litre, white Toyota Harrier.

"I really believe God gave me everything," he says, eyes darting to a poster of Ganesha, the Hindu elephant god, pinned to a wall.

The 47-year-old, who shelled out $420,000 to buy the office two years ago, is referring to the glorious way his life has panned out: An Indian migrant worker who arrived penniless in Singapore 20 years ago but defied great odds to found a painting company which pulled in $2.6 million in revenue last year.


Alfrescian (InfP) + Mod
Generous Asset
If your Special Account is not up to max 171k, use some of the money and top it up. Interest is at 4%, per year. Balance of which do a business which your passion brings you.
Once you max that 171k FRS, every year you earn $6840 interest doing nothing. It's definitely safer than Hyflux rubbish. :biggrin:

Leave it there for 10 years, you earn $68,840 for doing nothing ...
Essentially, once you max that 171k now, the interest earned will take care of the yearly increase in FRS sum and you wouldn't have any need to worry in future.
Wow PAP IB talking
Bro go find out more about the vending machine business..wont make your 100k become 200k overnight but the entry costs are reasonable, it's about automation and technology, also since u paint I assume u drive everyday, after work can go and collect change from the machines..u can purchase the machines at about 8k thereabouts for one..the other way is of course wait for the market to crash or correct than buy and hold some shares..companies like hanwell is doing a capital reduction exercise and paying about 20% in special distribution, of course distribute liao the price will fall back..dyodd


Alfrescian (Inf)
To start a biz, ask urself what you are really good at? Whats your forte? Whats your passion?
How determined are you? Not taking a fall and give up.
If you dont know anything and lazy, then jusy park it somewhere.:biggrin: