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Beef Hot Pot Restaurant In Bangkok Goes Viral Thanks To Owner’s Cleavage


(Video) Beef Hot Pot Restaurant In Bangkok Goes Viral Thanks To Owner’s Cleavage

In case you haven’t heard, it was recently announced that 2 members of the Thai Hot Guys are coming to Malaysia for a meet-and-greet session at a food expo. The waiters are known for working at the popular Thai restaurant Staneemeehoi (สถานีมีหอย) which once went viral for its male waiters in lingerie.

Apart from the Thai Hot Guys, there was also the time when a Thai food stall went viral because of the hot seller. It looks like another Thai restaurant has attracted a lot of attention because the owner has more to offer than just the meat dishes. Watch:

Meat heaven in Bangkok run by beautiful Thai owner สวรรค์ของคนรักเนื้อในกรุงเทพฯ กับลีลาการทำอาหารโดยสาวไทยสุดเซ็กซี่ #fyp #foodie #thailand #viral
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Yesterday (Thursday, 1st June), Bangkok Foodie posted a video on their TikTok channel to share a popular beef hot pot restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand called Meat Heaven, known for its variations of meat. However, the establishment’s delicious signature Braised Beef hot pot dish wasn’t the only thing that got customers coming back.
As seen in the video above, the owner can be seen wearing, what appears to be, a sexy lingerie top that definitely showed off her cleavage, leaving little to the imagination. The post went viral with many netizens, mostly Malaysians, commenting that they had trouble focusing on the meat dish as they were more interested in the restaurant’s cook’s pair of “meatballs”.
As you may have already guessed, the restaurant has gone viral before for the same reason. Many travelling content creators have visited the eatery to try out the food while also being greeted by the beautiful cook. As seen in the video below, the owner once wore a full-body outfit with her back exposed and showing off some side boobs.
If you’re interested in paying a visit yourself, Meat Heaven is said to be located opposite the Don Mueang Airport and opens from Wednesday to Monday, 9am to 7pm. Would you come for seconds in given the chance?

Sources: TikTok, Facebook
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