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ATBs the most FAITHFUL GF of all, if u know how to find... 4 years trying wake up Begetable BF and married him! GPGT! PRC Netizen moved & supportive!

Tony Tan

This man got the luck to encounter the best GF who is making good her oath for lifetime! But ass luck to have accident at work caused by electrical shock now vegetable. Story moved lots of netizens to support her.


新娘與植物人新郎拍婚照望喚醒他 感動無數網民


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2019年4月15日 下午12:29


The bride and the vegetative groom look at him and wake him up. He touched countless netizens.
[Sing Tao Daily]
Sing Tao Daily
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April 15, 2019, 12:29 PM
Zhang Juan and Cao Jian’s wedding photos touched countless netizens. (net map)

[Sing Tao Daily News] Jiangsu Xuzhou woman Zhang Juan recently took a wedding photo with a vegetative groom and was photographed by netizens. Their love story touched countless netizens.

In 2015, Zhangzhou, a woman from Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province, was originally forced to wear a sunroof with a man, but only one month after her wedding, the wedding was eventually cancelled. The reason was that when Cao was wearing a construction site, the accidental electric shock turned into a vegetative. Zhang Juan has never left, personally take care of Cao wearing, and constantly rubbing his back and squatting every day, never complaining.

Zhang Juan revealed that she and Cao Nan fell in love in 2007 and got married in 2010. However, due to the poverty of the family at the time, there was no wedding. Until 2015, after a little better environment, the two decided to make up the wedding, but before the wedding, they came to the disaster. Cao wears and becomes a vegetative person due to industrial accidents.

Today, Cao wears a better condition, Zhang Juan decided to personally handle a wedding, to make up for the regrets of 4 years ago, and secondly hope to have the opportunity to "awake" Cao wearing through this way. A few days ago, with the support of netizens, Zhang Juan used a wheelchair to push Cao to wear a wedding photo. They are also scheduled to make a wedding at the end of this month.

The wedding photos of Zhang Juan and Cao Chuan have been widely spread on the Internet recently. Their love stories have also touched countless netizens and received a lot of message blessings. Some netizens said: "Too touched, how many modern couples can do this, stay with you forever. Oath?"