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2018 World Cup Thread.


my uncle say KNN throw all your money at boring england match for goalless to under 2.5 goal and iceland to draw and win in the initial match KNN .


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am rooting for Germany! Achtung! baby, Achtung!
think i should go place bet for Germany winning the cup first, before the odds drop :smile::smile::smile:
hmm... 1 pay 4.70 for Germany to win, odds good or not?
finals: Brazil vs Germany, swee bo? :smile::smile::smile:
life savings all in on Germany!!! HUAT AH!!! :smile::smile::smile:
in the last World Cup, I placed a bet on Germany to win the cup right from the beginning
Yup... way back in May 2014 :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:


SgPools is a Odds taker . Come June it will show odds.

Lousy Odds. Cannot but suspect It creams off a healthy margin acting as
middleman between local punters and overseas bookies.


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Good for you. Who are you betting to win this year?
I have not bet on world cup since I put my money down on cameron to win & by 1 goal & won BIG! I made 5K & the other world cup in Korea....made a few thousands too. Till now, I have not placed any bets on football.