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  1. How things should be....
  2. The importance of a mammogram
  3. For girls and ladies - Talk & share all about your past/present relationships etc...
  4. why christians so lousy?
  5. why there are so many useless christians in sinkapor?
  6. Christians beat each other up at Christianity's holiest site!
  7. do you have a third eye ? what does it see ?
  8. Why so many religious motherfuckers here ?
  9. Muslim marriage age up 16 to 18
  10. I have a question on Jesus Christ...
  11. AIDS Is A Curse From God To Homosexuals
  12. Introduction to Islam course
  13. which church is this ??
  14. christians all fall in
  15. The Little Bride and Who Is Allah
  16. Wishing all Muslims Selamat Hari Raya Haji....
  17. The Holocaust began because words of hate went unchallenged
  18. Mumbai terrorists - sex with virgins
  19. Boorish Christian Behaviour @ St Andrew's Cathedral
  20. City Harvest Church eat SHIT
  21. Jesus is Palestinian?
  22. Absolute truth about religion
  23. Buddhist Lodge, fine example of Buddhism - A Religion with passion.
  24. This is so beautiful..i am crying
  25. Top 10 Misconceptions in Islam
  26. 99 names of Allah
  27. "HIS NAME IS MUHAMMAD" May Peace of God Be Upon Him
  28. What Buddhist Scripture Says About Muhammad
  29. Why I Embraced Islam
  30. Islamic Miracle: Lion Saying "Allah"
  31. Why a Hindu Should Become a Muslim
  32. Sam, Ilovepork and many others here is the enemy of Allah!
  33. Buddhist Lodge use $10 mil reserves to provide free food for poor
  34. Dishonest "ahpunehneh" looses court case against Novena Church
  35. Should rename this folder TeeKee/VIBGYOR personal folder
  36. Why Jesus is NOT the messiah
  37. Why was it illegal to set up a satanic coven in Singapore
  38. Kevin Rudds Speech On Muslims !!!
  39. Contact details of chennai based divorce lawyers?
  40. "NO HOLDS BARRED" from RPK Website
  41. Biggest Discovery Ever Found! THE BLOOD OF JESUS!!!
  42. Cruel Islamic law, an eye or an eye!
  43. Know of any prominent people using Christainity to victimise their company employees?
  44. New Creation Church raises $19m in 24 hrs
  45. NCC raise $19 million in less than 24 hours for new building
  46. Tracts are like Da Vinci Code
  47. No Condoms in Geylang Please, we are Christians
  48. Proof that Pastor Joseph Prince a Liar!
  49. Pastor Prince Should Be Rewarded With $1m For Every Soul He Saved From Hell
  50. anyone baptizing this easter???
  51. CHC: Crucification = The Final Solution!
  52. Is there God? Perhaps a good logical sequence to read on an Easter Tuesday...
  53. New Creation Church Says We never Force you People To Donate Money Hor.....
  54. Does Christians Quote Old/New Testaments according to..
  55. Religion question ???
  56. Thio Su Mien Bizzarre Behaviour at RTC Press Conference
  57. The Shocking True Story About The Spread Of AIDs
  58. If gay lifestyle is against christian teaching, how about ...
  59. Now Mediacorp is a christian corp?
  60. Viv B 3 clear messages on the AWARE debacle
  61. COOS pastors galvanising church members to support new AWARE team
  62. Thio may ban Dragon Boating - Why?
  63. Will the Religious Right destroy Singapore's hard earned racial harmony?
  64. Christians against AWARE takeover!
  65. Thio Su Mien Runs a Creepy Basement Church in her House!
  66. josie 'GOD" forgot to go to suntec on sat
  67. Worship Jesus?
  68. Seven Seals of Revelations!
  69. Misconceptions about Christians
  70. helping my friend
  71. jesus lookalike on why evil people exist
  72. aarchangel michael speaks
  73. How well you know about christians/churches
  74. Will Singapore burn like Sodom and Gomorrah?
  75. did the 12 apostles have a personal life?
  76. is the church helping or aggravating the matter?
  77. Muslim Immigration
  78. Jesus, Fact or friction?
  79. Ang Moh Is A Dying Race
  80. God Leads Us Along
  81. We Chinese should worship our own Gods.
  82. Religion can be murder-Sikhs killing Sikhs in Temple
  83. are they stupid?
  84. Pastor Kong say Chinese are descendant of Noah, Chinese worship god b4 other religion
  85. Funny bullshit from Paster Kong LOL
  86. the gods of the garden of eden
  87. does GOD make preachers rich?
  88. Is Obama the Anti-Christ?
  89. Ninharsah - the true godess of genesis
  90. Everyone of us is responsible for combating this Evil!
  91. Understand your Muslim friends
  92. songs to make christians look stupid
  93. Chr
  94. Buddhists can't tolerate any longer already?
  95. Favorite Biblical Inconsistencies
  96. xtrians in china - an article
  97. Today's Scripture Reading
  98. God Loves US
  99. Today's lecture
  100. Terminator VS JESUS
  101. Elder of Lighthouse Evangelism church paid sex with teen?
  102. even monk and pestor dont believe in god ..do you believe in god ?
  103. I finally caught chiu...Teekee
  104. Tithes
  105. Christians ==> Please help explain these verses. Thanks!
  106. Accepting Oneself
  107. Crzay gunman thinks he will be embraced by Jesus
  108. Pastor burn to death by own son, where is the one he has been worshipping?
  109. AWARE - The rise of a Christian Voice
  110. Why are more of us getting religious???
  111. TeeKee to throw away his bible next month - UFO proven!!
  112. Why the Bible is FAKE
  113. Protection Tattoos
  114. New age cult religion
  115. christianity: what is it all about
  116. is there a true religion?
  117. Insensitive Christian comment...
  118. Singanews is Christian News Hub?
  119. Pastor teaches Christians about PORK!
  120. a simple question to rich pastors
  121. Why my feiend converted to Islam, he call himself Yusof?
  122. free king jams bible in audio mp3 for download
  123. Hi i'm a newbie here
  124. Ang Mo laugh at hungry ghost
  125. The Interview with God
  126. This is my GOD
  127. Ang Moh says:Religion Poisons everything!
  128. Who Blasted & Burnt Mosque @ Marine Parade GRC?
  129. scientists proved Christian relic a fake
  130. Nearly 1 in 4 people worldwide is Muslim
  131. LFM, interest in creating artificial creatures to worship you
  132. Bible Study Leading to Bachelor of Divinity (UOL)
  133. how true is Halloween?
  134. 15,000 bibles seized in M'sia
  135. Society are evil
  136. teekee's god caused this tragedy?
  137. Catholic church : Aliens may exist
  138. God meet modern Singaporean
  139. re: can someone tell me what is the meaning of christmas?
  140. the enemy within
  141. what rich churches should be doing
  142. Mosque damage = $4.5m
  143. cometh chee, the messiah of GE!!
  144. First Australian cannonised.
  145. War between angels
  146. Christmas - What You Need to Know
  147. Jesus' home found?
  148. Man stole handbags in church
  149. Is there something called the God gene?
  150. Jesus did not save these Christian
  151. The Embarrassment of Hell
  152. Pastor wants S$1.26m
  153. Abused woman sues diocese
  154. Church fire-bombed in KL
  155. For the Christians in the Forum. The life of Buddha.
  156. The Truth on Religious Wars (Video)
  157. Combating Muslim Intolerance
  158. The use of the word 'Allah'
  159. Message that will change your life forever
  160. NZ to remove Bible citations
  161. City Care clarifies: We are NOT affiliate of City Harvest Church ?!
  162. Ccb gov is encouraging more to shift to...
  163. Church seeks to expel bible college from premises
  164. Jesus was never qualified as the Messiah : read and learn
  165. Pig heads left in mosques
  166. Will Christian Converts convert back?
  167. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, the City Harvest Slut!
  168. Insensitive xtian paster ridicule buddhism, you call this religious harmony?
  169. The Life Buddha And The Four Noble Truths
  170. why or how mantras work
  171. [India] - Thousands of Women Brides Being Burnt Alive Every Year
  172. Pastor Rony Tan ridiculed Buddhism! Will Poodle Arrest Him Under Sedition?
  173. Pastor Rony Tan said sorry
  174. Pleiadian Message from The Galactic Federation
  175. Buddhism 101 for Rony - Law of Karma
  176. History of Religion in 90 secs.
  177. This is Tee Kee - female version
  178. I fear more of the influence of Christian zealots than Muslim fundamentalists on.....
  179. LightHouse's member used to visit prostitute & massage parlor
  180. Pastor Rony Tan had done a great job
  181. Something is wrong at LightHouse Evangelism Church
  182. "You are the troublemakers - MILITANT SECULARISTS!"
  183. How Come Christian again!!!!???
  184. Religions - Opiates for the masses?!
  185. Religious leaders who learn from Anthony Robins
  186. Most Christians Buay Zi Dong!!!
  187. One tough question for the Christians!!
  188. Agnosticism
  189. Pastor Rony Tan speaks in his 1st public appearance
  190. Don't trivialise beliefs!
  191. Jews and Muslims
  192. Rony Tan reveals: 'sorry' is one of his 3 options
  193. Will Buddha & Mohammad allow gays & homosexual
  194. NO Justice in Malaysia, ONLY Divine Retributions
  195. Rony feelin guilty?
  196. church attendence and friendship
  197. Isn't this wonderful?
  198. CHC new building Q&A
  199. Now, Even Marina Mahathir Is Censored
  200. Pester Kong Hee with Jack Neo at airport
  201. did CHC exploit GOD's name to enrich themselves?
  202. Jack Neo is confirm a City Harvest "Xtian"
  203. Jack Neo Is From CITY HARVEST!
  204. Jack Neo is CHC Member for 2 Years Woh!
  205. jack neo should be cast out of CHC
  206. How old was Abrahmam when he died?
  207. Celebrity church? what they teach inside? [moved from coffee shop]
  208. Judaism after life
  209. Comparison made between Buddha and Jesus
  210. Jihad against fundamentalist monotheism in all forms
  211. Biblical Inconsistencies - All fucking Christains should read (those not fucking too)
  212. Rony Tan - the fake miracle healer?
  213. Jehovah witnesses in singapore.. ? stories...
  214. See Pastor Kong Hee conning in action...
  215. Religion & Shit
  216. Pastor no salary? No problem
  217. city harvest has lost the teachings of christ
  218. Adam has three wives.
  219. Church tried to hide abuse
  220. Pope delayed punishing priest
  221. Report sex abuse: Vatican
  222. Silk community in Singapore celebrates heritage during Vesakhi
  223. 84-Year-Old Brazilian priest caught on camera in a sex act with a choirboy
  224. Priests face abuse allegations
  225. Jesus real face discovered
  226. City Harvest's Kong Hee alleged to have committed plagiarism
  227. Ex-detainee Vincent Cheng barred from speaking in history seminar
  228. CHC-Conning/Harvesting the innocents
  229. Religious Group Conducting Sexuality Education?
  230. Where is Kong Hee
  231. City Harvest Church under investigation
  232. Pastor Kong among those pickup by Police
  233. Lost Sheep of CHC
  234. What Pastor Kong will be preaching to the congregation at CHC this Sunday...
  235. Why are there so many idiots in City Harvest Church?
  236. Now is the best time for oppositions to woe CHC member to vote against the PAP
  237. Rocket Singh has has cleared up CHC, guess which church next .....
  238. CAD only grilled Kong for 18 hrs, if HK ICAC he will kana at least 48hrs
  239. CAD only grilled Kong for 18 hrs, if HK ICAC he will kana at least 48hrs
  240. CAD only grilled Kong for 18 hrs, if HK ICAC he will kana at least 48hrs
  241. LOL, NCC members gloating at CHC investigations
  242. CHC damage control or making a mockery out of God?
  243. Hell Awaits Those Who Have Wrongly Accused Pastor Kong!
  244. How to be rich & holy - AMEN
  245. BLOOD SACRIFICE! Mega Church System = Church of Satan
  246. CHC Deserved All The Millions of Dollars Given For Their Excellent Services!
  247. Read CHC's Rubbish Here In PDF
  248. What would you say this coming Sunday if you're Kong Hee?
  249. Doing business using religion and making a mockery out of Jesus's teachings
  250. CHC member: I will fast for Pastor Kong