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Young Sporns Hate FAPee TRAITORS to Core. Revolution in the Air!


Alfrescian (Inf)
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February 12th, 2011 |
Author: Contributions |

Dear TR,
After reading mails from Ms Melissa Quek, Mr Devoran, Ms T.Rajendran and Ms Judy Eng, I’ve decided to stop idling behind the computer screen waiting for change to happen. I’m writing in hopes that I can reach out to people whom may read and perhaps relate to what I have been experiencing as of late.
First off, I’m a 14-year-old Secondary School student. My family aren’t rich, but we are staying in a 4-room HDB flat. Even though I’m 14, I understand the things that are happening.
A little about my current family position. My mother has cancer and she has to go for check-ups regularly.
Early last month, about 8 hours after my mother had left for a checkup at Singapore General Hospital, I went with my father. It was 11pm then, and we both were worried about her. There was no reason for a checkup to be this long. So we went, but we didn’t know which block she was at. I called her by phone.
Turns out that she was at the emergency block, Block 1.
A little of a back-story. A doctor who removed the tumor in her right lung claimed there was no need for chemotherapy. However, she still complained of pain in her right chest. It turned out that the cancer cells had already infected her lymph nodes and it wasn’t detected then. Now it’s too late though. The cancer cells are slowly eating her life away.
Now that when I recall this incident, I feel disgust and hate towards this medical standard. Is this acceptable? Why should a check-up, in the EMERGENCY block, end up being 8 hours long?! How on earth did that doctor think that chemotherapy was not necessary? I had no idea what happened. By the time my mother had received the report and we reached home, it was almost 2am. I missed school the next day as I was too fatigued.
What is the government doing? Did they even CHECK? Where’s our money going?!
Obviously that greedy geezer and the famiLEE.
This really angers me. My mother also has very little money left in her bank. She cannot go to work, and now I’m also trying to save as much as I can so she doesn’t have to give me too much allowance everyday. GIRO doesn’t help much either. Luckily, my now married sister and brother, who have their own families, are helping. But that doesn’t even amount to much. It’s still a hard road to walk, but walk it we must.
Other than this beyond disappointing medical incident, I also have a school life. It’s not very enjoyable either.
MRT, public buses. I’m sure everyone knows that it’s crowded as heck, and my gigantic monster of a school bag doesn’t help either. Going my car isn’t any better. The road is congested as hell in the morning. In the afternoon, it’s better. But I occasionally have a couple of PRs sitting in the seat before me, talking loudly non-stop. Even the earpieces blasting my ears to deaf doesn’t help.
In school, sometimes we have CME or PG lessons and the teacher gives the class a worksheet which sings praises about what PAP has done for the people. One I recall from memory, was roughly,
“Every time I see old folks gathering recyclables from a garbage can on the street, my heart laments for them. The people these days are lacking filial piety…” …. “…I am glad that the government is helping the needy with assistance schemes. The government is doing a good job.”
Obviously there is something very wrong there. I thought to myself, ‘if the government is doing a good job, then why are these old folks gathering and selling recyclables?’ I asked the teacher so, but he just shrugged and replied that he doesn’t know why.
He’s probably another brainwashed PAP dog, that’s why.
Also, 4 china students transfered into my class during the past month. They are always getting the praises and 1st place for tests/exams. They are leeching the motivation out of everyone. No one really mixes with them. The whole class might as well be a class for PRs instead! I cannot really express myself too well with words, but every time I see them, I can’t help but hate their attitude. I know not all of them are bad, but with all these incidents like then acting all big and mighty, or talking loud and sometimes insulting us behind our back loudly, really left this impression on me.
The government loves them too. They bring money with them. They are also cheaper, faster, better. The way I see it, they are cheaters, liars, asses. Again, I know not all of them are bad. I am referring to the ones that really gives the impression. I have seen it too many times. It’s easy to tell.
I also sometimes worry about my future if I were to continue to stay in Singapore. No doubt the population density would get really dense, and at some point, buying a house would blow a million dollars. Everything sucks you dry. So therefore I arrived with this conclusion. If nothing is done right to change is broken system, then I’m moving to another country. Living here is as good as being in a lifetime debt to the government, and that is the same as being on a leash.
I feel so much rage for this greedy government. Leeching our money, which they then throw them in a well praying a genie would come out. I vow, if PAP is still not voted out after the next election, then goodbye, Singapore, I’m moving onto another country once I am able to stand on my own.
Anyway, thanks for reading. I feel better getting these off my chest. You may do whatever you wish with this.
Kristine Tan



Most of us also hate familee, it just need someone to start and hell will break loss, because all of us are READY waiting for the next guy to fight on our behalf.
Anyway election is coming, maybe lky's son's govt like always, will give some freebies from public coffers, as bribes to corrupted voters.


Pleaaasee. PAP does not own Singapore. When the powerful one is gone (HE whom you must not speak his name), it will be like the huge tree which overshadowed the entire forest fallen... all the plants beneath will have fresh air, sunlight and an orderly, mature democracy will blossom.

Be patient.

Thick Face Black Heart

Alfrescian (InfP)
Generous Asset
Temasick review truly never changes its spots.

Faked articles written by the same 2 or 3 writers, phoney interviews, publicity stunts with the organizers hiding beneath the shadows, and slimy, insidious attacks on the opposition that masquerade as "commentary" or "opinion" are all par for the course for TR.

What's new?


Alfrescian (Inf)
Fake also can't fake properly...in PA sure out of course kicked to BMT to get properly fucked.


Fake also can't fake properly...in PA sure out of course kicked to BMT to get properly fucked.

and all we need are makapa the moron to show it all around

Come one. Anti-PAP is one thing. But anti-PAP till you look dumb and unreliable?


If this is truly written by a 14 year old, than I think she needs therapy. Blaming on the garment solely for your hardships is not right. She thinks if she goes to another country, all will be rosy?


Alfrescian (Inf)
Yes! spread the words, in schools and everywhere. This govt is no different from Mubarak, trying to pass the throne to his son. Fortunately, Egypitans are not as stupid as sinkies. They don't believe in being bribed by carrot from a robber or liars. So Egyptians helped themselves and eventually succeed in toppling down the 30 years authoritian state. Egypt is finally a free country and spell a new age for the people. Singaporeans must not wait any longer because we have 1001 justificatins that PAP should be thrown out.


Careful now. Inciting riots will get you a knock on the door at 2am from someone inviting you to drink kopi at cantonment road.