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  • hey bro, read your article below.

    If you get your friend to do a write-up, or send me a copy of the offer letter detailing the kind of terms fit for "slaves" (of course, blank out the personal details), pls email me: [email protected]

    I will try to get it published on TR to let more Singaporeans know... this news is definitely an impt one.

    As a first world country, we shouldn't be working in 3rd world working conditions. need to expose this.

    I'm pretty sure working conditions in Australia casino is not that bad...

    The Truth About RWS & MBS Job Creation
    Recently, I have a friend who went for interview, almost took up a croupier job but didn't as she found a better job elsewhere. The job pays about S$1,200 at training month and about S$1,500 upon confirmation, increment and promotion based on subsequent performance.

    A minimum of 8 hours per day is required, resting time and meal time excluded. All croupiers are required to rest 10 minutes per hour, that adds 60 minutes per day (not counting meal hour and last hour), but meal hour is also not counted as working time, so that's 120 minutes or 2 hours unpaid time extra.

    Now you know why only PRs with nothing to lose, a backup home country to go back to to and meanwhile nothing in focus except to work and make makey could afford to work there. Even if you're willing to accept it but are NS reservist liable, good luck! Job creation? For whom?
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