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World's happiest countries


Alfrescian (Inf)
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Is that what YPAP IB hires u to do? Trolling, register clones to stir shit at the emigration folders, sow discord among opposition supporters, photoshop avatars, stalking aka fart chasing etc.. what a waste of taxpayers monies.


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It has been said that London is the world's best cities to live in. Well voted the best at least. Was thinking of buying a property in London due to that. Anyone heard of Royal Wharf? It's a development in London that's pretty amazing and since it's the best city to live in, i was researching on it and came across

What do you guys think of London?


I will say that happiness is within oneself, environment do play a part however if one is already unhappy inside however good the environment he will still not be happy.


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I just heard Norway, Vietnam and Costa Rica.
Happiness's good.
I want to visit some of these contries when i have chance and maybe feeling this happy?