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This Week’s Best-Dressed Local Stars: Mar 12-19​

  • Hayden Ng
19 MAR 2022 10:15
UPDATED 19 MAR 2022 09:50
The most stylish celeb OOTDs of the week.
2-min read

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Prints and bold hues were on full display on Phyllis Quek and Chantalle Ng, while Rebecca Lim, Carrie Wong and Fiona Xie went for bold details that make for double tap-worthy looks.

  • 1/18

    carrie wong data

    Carrie Wong
    Carrie turned up the heat with this denim matching set from Alexander McQueen, teaming it with statement accessories like an XL belt and gold chain crossbody.

  • 2/18

    zoe tay data

    Zoe Tay
    Zoe looked a vision in this sophisticated blazer dress which she accessorised simply with a necklace and maroon flats for an understated glam look.

  • 3/18

    phyllis quek

    Phyllis Quek
    So chio is Phyllis in this striking fuchsia set which she paired with a resort bag. We’ll be copying this combo for our next resort holiday.

  • 4/18

    fiona xie data

    Fiona Xie
    Fiona exuded sexy secret agent vibes decked in head-to-toe black and gold pieces from Versace. Love the suede boots!

  • 5/18

    desmond tan data

    Desmond Tan
    Another all-black look that caught our eye. The Louis Vuitton suit on Desmond is anything but basic thanks to the neon green details on the blazer and sash belt.

  • 6/18

    chantalle ng data

    Chantalle Ng
    Chantalle is getting more adventurous with her outfits. This week, the actress donned this clashing look comprising of a printed shirt, utilitarian cropped top and skirt and (gasp!) pink gladiator heels.

  • 7/18

    xu bin data

    Xu Bin
    Also going wild with eye-catching prints and contrasting colours was Xu Bin, who donned this loud get-up by Puma. The actor, who was recently down with Covid-19, even went a step further, sealing his look with a pair of clashing neon kicks.

  • 8/18

    rui en data

    Rui En
    Rui En turned her all black getup from ordinary to extraordinary by topping off her cool girl look with a slim, red leather jacket.

  • 9/18

    rebecca lim data

    Rebecca Lim
    Striking a balance is key to a good #OOTD. Case in point: Becks teamed a statement bomber jacket with a knee-length denim skirt and contrasted them with a clashing green Coussin bag by Louis Vuitton. Not crazy about the shoes, which look like cast boots, though.

  • 10/18

    yeo yann yann data

    Yeo Yann Yann
    We're pretty sure Yann Yann turned heads at the world premiere of Pachinko in that stunning leather mini from Haleia. The oversized blooms and asymmetrical cut give the LBD a fresh and fun spin.

  • 11/18

    xiang yun data

    Xiang Yun
    The black and white one-shoulder gown, combined with the sleek hairdo, made Xiang Yun look extra sophisticated at the Star Awards 2022 video shoot. Kinda reminds us of the gown Paige Chua donned at the awards ceremony in 2018.

  • 12/18

    he ying ying data

    He Yingying
    Anyone getting Barbie vibes from this look? With her highlighter pink baggy trousers and handbag, Yingying can be spotted from miles away.

  • 13/18

    jesseca liu data

    Jesseca Liu
    Outfitted in Dior, Jesseca went for a more pared down getup that’s accented by contrasting colours and prints. It’s a look that strikes the perfect balance between fun and timeless.

  • 14/18

    ya hui data

    Ya Hui
    Ya Hui, who's starring in upcoming movie Seven Days, showed up at the lensing ceremony looking cute as a button in a stylish all-black look. We heart the eyelet lace poplin shirt by Prada.

  • 15/18

    jamie yeo data

    Jamie Yeo
    Jamie gave us an easy and fuss-free style lesson on how to add some pizzazz to a weekend outfit by throwing on a batik kimono jacket. It's a cute look, though her daughter Alysia, 11, felt that she looked "like an SIA stewardess".

  • 16/18

    chen xiuhuan  1  data

    Chen Xiuhuan
    We love how effortless Xiuhuan looks in the bohemian-inspired frock. Its intricate details make for an eye-catching design to wear on our next vacay.

  • 17/18

    tay ying data

    Tay Ying
    We adore this fun and flirty dotted look on Tay Ying. The mixed printed added a huge dollop of playfulness to her outfit.

  • 18/18

    denise camillia tan data
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