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0 ootd
Standout prints and colours proved to be favourites among celebs like Carole Lin, Chantalle Ng, Jesseca Liu, Felicia Chin and Cynthia Koh this week. Meanwhile, Christopher Lee cleaned up real nice, looking smart and stylish in a classic checked suit.

  • 1/21

    chantalle ng data

    Chantalle Ng
    Not only are we in love with Chantalle's new short 'do, we also can’t take our eyes of her cute cropped halter neck top and Miu Miu purse.

  • 2/21

    cynthia koh data

    Cynthia Koh
    Also sporting a fresh 'do is Cynthia, who looks stunning in the bold Year of the Tiger jacquard cardigan and skirt from Gucci. The tiger and floral-themed pieces look set to make the upcoming Lunar New Year extra huat for her.

  • 3/21

    felicia chin data

    Felicia Chin
    How sweet and chio is Felicia in this smock floral print frock by GG<5? This is possibly the most girly thing we’ve ever seen her in.

  • 4/21

    carrie wong data

    Carrie Wong
    Business on top, party on the bottom, Carrie’s OOTD above ensures a smooth and stylish transition from office to bar.

  • 5/21

    Christopher Lee
    Christopher, who is currently filming new drama The Attorney From Bachimen in Taiwan, swapped his usual casual or sporty outfits for a dapper two-piece checked suit. Shuai!

  • 6/21

    fann wong data

    Fann Wong
    The sweater weather of late has inspired many celebs to layer up. Among them is Fann who looked especially youthful, donning a colourful cardigan, highlighter green top, black peplum skirt and powder pink high socks. Like the fun look, but the candy-coloured hues not so much.

  • 7/21

    fiona xie 32 data

    Fiona Xie
    Fiona, who is holidaying in Phuket, showed us how to dress for a beach vacay in style. She donned an elegant bandeau cutout swimsuit from Self Portrait and accessorised with oversized sunnies and gold earrings for extra glam.

  • 8/21

    carole lin data

    Carole Lin
    Looking matchy-matchy with the orchids in the background and drink in her hand, Carole appeared radiant and ravishing in her floral frock.

  • 9/21

    rebecca lim data

    Rebecca Lim
    Also decked in Gucci’s Year of the Tiger pieces, Becks’ outfit looks more delicate and subtle, thanks to the muted hues.

  • 10/21

    jesseca liu  6  data

    Jesseca Liu
    Jesseca nailed the atheleisure trend, sporting a matching hooded sweatshirt and pants by Dior, featuring the luxury house’s signature Toile de Jouy motif.

  • 11/21

    phyllis quek  1  data

    Phyllis Quek
    Clad in a strappy floral print dress and white sneakers, Phyllis looked fresh and breezy as she walked down the streets of Sydney.

  • 12/21

    joanne peh data

    Joanne Peh
    We like how fuss-free and versatile Joanne’s abstract print kaftan looks. Want to glam it up? Swap the waist tie for a gold chain belt and accessorise with stacked bracelets.

  • 13/21

    Zhang Zetong
    Clad in an all-black ensemble comprising of a timeless biker jacket, tee and trousers, Zetong dripped attitude and major bad boy vibes.

  • 14/21

    Romeo Tan
    Romeo elevated the timeless tee and pants combo by layering a printed shirt over it. The pink pocket helped to turn his look from subtle to statement-making.

  • 15/21

    ya hui data

    Ya Hui
    Fresh faced Ya Hui got her party mood on, donning a gold sleeveless hoodie and black pants that make for a cute and cool pairing for any celebratory occasion.

  • 16/21

    tong bing yu data

    Tong Bingyu
    Bingyu looks captivating in this lace and high-slit number that exudes a womanly and seductive charm. The cute metallic purse from Bonia is the icing on the cake.

  • 17/21

    Tyler Ten
    Looking cool and confident is Tyler in this edgy Moschino look comprising of a cosy argyle cardigan and painted jeans.

  • 18/21

    aisyah aziz data

    Aisyah Aziz
    Aisyah dripped style in this lacey long piece by Gucci. She styled it with knee-high boot heels for an extra shot of attitude.

  • 19/21

    bonnie loo data

    Bonnie Loo
    Seeing how stylish Bonnie looks in her all-occasion long dress and edgy Charles & Keith boot heels makes us want to resurrect the nightgown trend.

  • 20/21

    munah bagharib data

    Munah Bagharib
    Munah stood out in her blazer dress by Suitra. The intricate details on the songket fabric, combined with the modern silhouette, make it a fab traditional-meets-contemporary piece to own.

  • 21/21

    chen xiuhuan data

    Chen Xiuhuan
    Like us, Xiuhuan can't get enough of sweater weather. She looks equally cosy and chic in this simple beige knit dress. This lao cheebye still come out and show her lao cheebye.


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