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Wash toilet bowl end up staining the seat blue, guess the race?


Low IQ is a serious matter, puki bodoh...

S'pore grandma tries to clean toilet seat by coating it in stain remover, ends up staining seat instead​

Sh*tty situation.
Julia Yee |
April 25, 2024, 10:05 AM


When it comes to cleaning, sometimes, more isn't always better.

One woman in Singapore found that out when her grandmother tried to use a stain remover on her toilet bowl but, ironically, ended up staining it instead.

In a post put up in the Sg Renovation Facebook group, Ashiqah shared how her new toilet bowl was now discoloured.

Cleaning attempt failed​

When Ashiqah woke up one morning, she discovered that — loo and behold — her previously white plastic toilet seat was stained with blue streaks.

She later found out that her grandma had soaked the toilet bowl and seats overnight, under the assumption that "the longer the liquid stays, the more bacteria it kills". (Even Ginfreely also never leave the liquid in her hole overnight)

Image via Ashiqah Zulkifli/Facebook

But it appeared that the longer the liquid stayed, the more difficult it was to get rid off.
"I have been scrubbing since morning on and off but the stain is so stubborn," Ashiqah lamented in her post.

She said the toilet bowl was less than six months old.

Ashiqah's photo of the toilet bowl was accompanied by a photo of a bottle of Harpic 100% Limescale Remover used by her grandma.

In the comments, Ashiqah said she'd bought the product from a major supermarket in Singapore, but was unsure of its authenticity.

Tips from the public​

Ashiqah's plight amused other Facebook users, garnering over 900 reacts and over 400 comments.

Some people joked that her grandma had upgraded the toilet seat with a "nice" design.
"Soak [the toilet seat] more and change it all to blue," one commenter quipped.

As for those who tried to offer more constructive feedback, several people recommended she used bleach to remove the stains caused by the stain remover.

Ashiqah clarified that the stains had been much worse originally — the photo was taken after she'd already scrubbed the toilet bowl for "three days straight" with bleach.

Someone else pointed out that the limescale remover was not meant to be used on the toilet seat.

Tips from the cleaning product's company​

According to Harpic, its 100% Limescale Remover Fresh removes limescale, rust, and stains.

It is meant to be used as such:

  1. Tightly squeeze pads on side of cap and unscrew. Replace cap tightly after use. Use undiluted.

  2. Directly nozzle under the toilet bowl rim and squeeze bottle gently. Apply 100% Limescale Remover to entire bowl. To achieve the best cleaning result, leave 100% Limescale Remover to cling to the toilet bowl for 10 minutes.

  3. With a toilet brush, thoroughly clean the entire bowl and then flush.

Maybe the only solution is just to get a new toilet seat.

Image via Ashiqah Zulkifli/Facebook

Mothership has reached out to Ashiqah for comment


Well...true result of "From 3rd World To 1st World"

U say we need global talents or notch?


That ish why small big bosses want to recruit Good Yonng Chiobu Talents from overseas mah


Alfrescian (Inf)
Mothershit the propagandist clickbait merchant has reached a new low... reporting on toilet stains. :roflmao:


Mothershit the propagandist clickbait merchant has reached a new low... reporting on toilet stains. :roflmao:
Publish Big Big....then all sinki ah mah becum jobless liao...

Boss John will u employ these old blur ah soh or Chiobu Mynamar Maid leh?


Mothershit the propagandist clickbait merchant has reached a new low... reporting on toilet stains. :roflmao:
It's important to highlight the IQ disparity among the different races. It also takes a minimum IQ not to publicise such mistakes in the first place.

Byebye Penis

I made the same mistake before - I applied the detergent on surface and then rinse with water.

She needs to use the same detergent again and then scrub the surfaces with soft sponge to remove the blue stains.
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