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New TT Trend : Washing Face With Toilet Water



(Video) Local TikTokers Slammed For Washing Face With Toilet Water For “Gifts”​


JULY 18, 2023


We live in an era where anything can go viral if it’s interesting, disturbing, or disgusting enough to catch people’s attention. Previously, netizens were disgusted at a woman washing rice dumpling leaves in a squat toilet bowl.

Although the “toilet” was not real, it was enough to make people lose their appetite.
If that video wasn’t revolting enough, a couple of Malaysian content creators were seen washing their hands and faces using toilet water during their live streams. Why you asked? We’re just as confuse as you.


Over the weekend, a netizen who goes by Komandan Marco posted screen recordings on Facebook of two unnamed TikTokers carrying out a forfeit where the loser must wash their face using toilet water during their TikTok live stream. The first video showed a young woman with her hands in the toilet bowl before splashing the water onto her face while being observed by her collaborator @cengkoimanja.

The second video showed a man doing the forfeit while his collaborator made sure he was doing it right. While doing so, it was said that the content creators also received “Gifts” from their audiences. “And I thought I was desperate for money… All this for ‘Gifts’. Even if you want money, please don’t do something as disgusting as this. No matter how ‘clean’ the water looks, the toilet is still a dirty place,” the Facebook user wrote.

The post went viral with many netizens expressing their disgust at the challenge. Most commented that they felt nauseated by the videos while others called out the TikTokers for their shameless act on live stream.


Apart from @cengkoimanja, the identity of the TikTokers doing the nasty forfeit are still not known nor have they come forward with a statement regarding the backlash. After a quick check, we can confirm that @cengkoimanja’s TikTok channel has gone private, as seen in the screenshot above.
We’d highly suggest doing more fun challenges or forfeits that won’t make anyone sick.

Watch the full videos below: