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Was WKS kept in the dark over MSK arrest?

Discussion in 'The Courtyard Café' started by SNAblog, May 8, 2009.

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    Was Wong Kan Seng kept in the dark?

    Friday, 8 May 2009, 10:20 pm | 20 views


    IF Home Affairs Minister Wong Kan Seng knew about Mas Selamat’s arrest on April Fool’s Day, he did not show it.

    In a speech he made on 15th April this year at the ISD Intelligence Service Promotion Ceremony, he implored the organisation to continue the hunt for the terrorist, as if he was still hiding in the jungle.

    Below is an excerpt of the speech (full version can be read here), where he spoke explicitly on the issue of Mas Selamat:
    I know that the past year has been a particularly difficult one for ISD. You had to face the reality that security lapses led to the escape of Mas Selamat Kastari. I know that ISD officers, more than any one else, were deeply pained over this. Years of hard, gruelling work that led to the successful disruption of terrorist plots and the capture of numerous terrorists were set back by that lapse. Years of quiet work in the background successfully dealing with potentially explosive race and religious incidents, espionage and other security threats, have been overshadowed.

    It has been and continues to be a testing time for the Department. I understand that at one time or another, officers from all the various commands have been deployed to work on the case which for some, involved taking on an entirely new type of assignment for the first time in their career. I have been regularly updated on the Department’s efforts to track Mas Selamat Kastari down. I have no doubt of your determination. I have confidence that with patience – which has always been a virtue of the Department – we will recapture him. The keen sense of fellowship and camaraderie among ISD officers, of being one family through thick and thin, that I have seen particularly during this trying episode, will see you through this, and make all of you even stronger.

    Most importantly, I am happy to see that ISD officers have not allowed the setback to dishearten or distract you from your mission of countering the multi-faceted security threats we face. Even as you continue to hunt for Mas Selamat Kastari, you have been equally unrelenting in monitoring and tackling other security threats, at times, I know, stretching yourselves beyond the limits.

    So did Minister Wong Kan Seng know about Mas Selamat’s capture? And if so, why did he deliberately give the impression that the hunt for the fugitive is still on? Does this imply that he is deliberately misleading the entire ISD?

    Or worse still, is this truly an indication that even the Home Affairs Minister himself has been kept in the dark about the arrest?

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    I am sure he has no idea about it when MSK was arrested.

    If not why take 6 weeks to announce? and the news was leaked only in the midnight of last night. If they want to release the news, midnight is definitely not the time to do so, unless the news come from other side and they themselves has no control over it.

    And the reasoning for 6 weeks not announcing it for the sake for protecting the source of info and capturing MSK is dumb as hell. It is 100x worst then explaining why they took 4 hours before they announce the escape of MSK in whitney.

    What i see is that they have no idea what is going on, when was MSK capture before the news leak, but once the news is leaked, they jump in and claim credit.

    super shameless and thick skin. PPPUUUIIII!

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