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(Video) Passerby Saves Uncle From Being Scammed By Two Masked Ladies At Resorts World Genting


(Video) Passerby Saves Uncle From Being Scammed By Two Masked Ladies At Resorts World Genting
Source: Facebook

While most scams are now digital, that doesn’t mean that physical scams are obsolete. In fact, just recently, an uncle in Resorts World Genting just narrowly avoided being scammed out of his cash by two young ladies!

The old man had apparently been approached by the ladies while enjoying his time in Resorts World Genting.

Luckily, a passerby noticed the commotion and managed to halt the scheme in time. In fact, authorities later shared that they had managed to arrest a few suspects!

Source: Facebook

The 24-second video uploaded to Facebook showed someone recording a masked woman talking to an older looking man. The uncle clearly looked somewhat uncomfortable with the conversation, while the lady persisted. However, another masked woman soon crossed the frame, when she suspected the person recording the scene.

The second lady tried to confirm her suspicion but that only tipped off the person recording the incident. “You’re also (part of this), huh?” he asked her before turning to the uncle and calling him.Don’t give them any money, they’re lying to you,” he told the uncle.

The second lady said something scathing, jabbing a finger at the camera before turning her back. The uncle later confirmed that the woman had been asking money from him. Upon hearing that, both women left, apparently disgusted that their scheme had failed.

Source: Facebook

Netizens were quick to criticise the two women with some wondering why they weren’t earning money the honest way. Others claimed they too had encountered such situations, a few saying they had run into such people in Resorts World Genting, Sunway, Mid Valley and One Utama.

Resorts World Genting later took matters into their own hands. In a comment on the video, they reportedly reassured customers that the situation has been handled.To our valued customers, your safety is our top priority. Our security guards have been closely monitoring the situation. Four suspects were finally arrested this morning and handed over to the police,” they stated.

Source: Facebook

Well, we’re certainly glad that someone was there to rescue the uncle! Also, kudos to the Resorts World Genting team for taking swift action in dealing with the issue. Still, it doesn’t guarantee that there won’t be other scammers trying their luck. So, do be careful!

Check out the video here:

Sources: China Press, Facebook
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Old Fart
Quite chio. Should talk them into going to a secluded spot or room, and rape the living daylights out of them.:thumbsup: :biggrin: