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10 Arrested Over Genting SkyCasino’s RM4.6 Million Robbery; Believed To Be An Inside Job



10 Arrested Over Genting SkyCasino’s RM4.6 Million Robbery; Believed To Be An Inside Job​


NOVEMBER 6, 2023

Sources: Resorts World Genting/Pexels

Sources: Resorts World Genting/Pexels

Just last week, it was reported that the SkyCasino in Resorts World Genting was robbed of RM4.6 million in chips. However, after a slew of arrests, police are allegedly convinced they are close to resolving the case.
Earlier today (6th November), a total of 10 people were arrested on suspicions of being involved in the robbery. Two were later granted bail but reportedly all ten were involved in the case, with police still investigating the matter.
Source: China Press
According to spokesmen from Genting, the company had reported the issue to the police after an assistant manager discovered the robbery on 28th October. She had reportedly spotted two men stealing chips totaling RM4,607,800 from tables in a high-end private room of the Crockfords Platinum Club.
Reportedly, police believed the theft might have been an inside job, involving junket operators to disperse the chips. Sources claimed an employee of the casino might have masterminded the robbery as they would have been familiar with the layout of the casino and the chip amounts. Several also suspect it was why the theft was carried out quickly.
It is also assumed the thieves may have taken large denomination chips, which are worth up to RM10,000 in the private halls. However, that loss is allegedly a boon to the casino as well. Reportedly, gamblers who exchange a large amount of chips will be required to register their real names and show proof of identity.
Source: Resorts World Genting
As such, casino croupiers have been warned to be on the lookout for suspicious dealings. But, at the time, it was also unclear if the stolen chips had already been converted into cash. Luckily, police later claimed they managed to recover some of the chips, thanks to their swift action.
Police are reportedly still carrying out investigations on the case, but are fairly confident they managed to clamp down on the operation. But, they also reportedly claimed they may be making more arrests in the future