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“In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot.”... Mark Twain

The uphill battle against vaccine tyranny clearly shows Mark Twain’s sharp observation. Cross the line and suggest or support a narrative at odds with the government, careers get railroaded and lives destroyed. In the whole of Singapore, there has been to my knowledge, only two medical professionals who have spoken out on the dangers of the noveau vaccines. One quickly retracted his statement under duress. An oncologist today remains a solitary voice of warning.

Whilst there have been several folks who have been vocal and written against the mRNA vaccines, such as Goh Meng Seng and this humble blog, the attempt to galvanise action and initiate an official dialogue and investigation rests on the shoulders of one little woman, Iris Koh. Iris founded the online group ‘Healing the Divide’ to "fill an information gap about COVID-19". She is Mark Twain’s patriot, one-of-a-kind, brave and certainly hated and scorned. Whether one is a detractor, of which there is a multitude, or a supporter, one has to admire Iris’ passion in her pursuit for dialogue and reassessing the evidence. The game is basically over but the Singapore Government plays on.

Yesterday Oct 23, folks in UK finally commenced an inquiry into their high excess death rate. I believe this is under private auspices as their parliament, like everywhere else, is shirking their responsibilities.

Look at the graph below and it is obvious Singapore is in greater dire straits than UK. We like to be tops in various indexes, well congratulations, on a quarterly basis, Singapore has the highest excess death rate in the world for the last four quarters running. And our parliament has still not awaken from their slumber. PAP and opposition members are sleeping in the same bed.

Are these excess death rates something to worry about? In Statistics lingo, the question is, are the rates significant. In this kind of analysis, statisticians have set 5% as the red flag. Anything higher than 5% is significant. Singapore's high excess death rate is very significant. In other words, something beyond the ordinary caused these high rates. There can be only two causation - Covid itself or the mRNA vaccines. From the very beginning, it was determined risk of fatality from Covid is only high in the elderly and those with comorbidity. Even then it was projected at less than 1%. That left the vaccines as the sole causation.

The main questions that need answering by the government are :

1). Why did Singapore surrender our medical sovereignty? There was a show of Task Force and medical professional input and participation in pandemic management, but in reality, all countries including Singapore, simply took the cue from WHO and initiatives of American FDA and CDC.
2). Why did the government put absolute faith on a vaccine that has not been properly tested?
3). Why allow healthy Singaporeans to be injected with a vaccine for which MOF does not even know the biological make up?
4). Why procure vaccines and provide manufacturers with liability waivers?
5). Why did the MOF jettison hundreds of years of medical practice by denying qualified practitioners who knew their patients well and better situated to treat them, but instead became subservient to directives from agents, many of whom never treated a single patient in their life?

I have always said, like in investment decisions, it is never fair to critique from the wisdom of hindsight. One can only criticise based on pre-fact situation. In the case of vaccines, all the pre-fact evidence point to a making of a colossal scam. Was the government scammed, were they a participant, or were they negligent?

The pandemic management point to a total collapse of independent agencies that our community rely on as a matter of ordinary course of daily well being. In the face of rising deaths and injuries all over the world, of new medical studies warning of dangerous findings of adverse effects of the vaccines, of the suppression of dissenting voices, of evidence of wrongful acts by vaccine manufacturers, of false pro-vaccine articles funded by Big pharma, of treatment successes with non-authorised protocols, etc, the silence of following agencies is a betrayal of the public’s trust:

1). The opposition in not pushing for a parliamentary inquiry.
2). The medical profession in the form of various associations whose silence is ear shattering.
3). The legal profession and judiciary that has nothing to say about WHO encroaching into our sovereignty with their Pandemic Treaty, or stepping up to ensure justice for vaccine injured in terms of compensation.
4). Singapore embalmers who have nothing to say about blood clots unlike their counterparts in Western countries who are horrified at what they are seeing.
5). Singapore academia who should be parsing, dissecting, and discussing into all these new medical studies but are hibernating in their ivory towers.

I notice a parallel of views on the vaccine amongst Singaporeans to folks in Western countries, like US. There seems to be a political correlation. In Western countries, Liberals tend to favour the vaccine and Conservatives tend to be anti-vac. In Singapore the vaccine deniers are predominantly from the opposition crowd. I wonder if it is a case of blind faith vs critical thinking.

The ground seems to be shifting and evidence mounting that the pandemic is indeed a colossal scam on the scale of a criminal act against humanity. In the US, less than 2% are heeding the call for the latest booster shot. The game is basically over. Anthony Fauci and company is facing the possibility of being charged for humanitarian crimes, Pfizers’ days of unimaginable profits are gone, Moderna and Pfizer are facing medical suits with more in the days and years ahead, Bill Gates has admitted the vaccines have not worked as they should, CDC has admitted the science of lockdown was pulled out of a hat.

Over in Switzerland, Pascal Najadi recently called on Swiss Authorities to arrest people behind the release of “Bioweapon” COVID-19 Shot. Pascal Najadi worked with Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger to delve into the dark underbelly of global organizations headquartered in Zurich that are involved with pushing the vaccines.

Dr Astrid Buckelberger is a scientist, researcher, trainer, author who has served as consultant to various UN agencies including WHO. She presents insights from the operations side of WHO. I covered her in my blog The Greatest ‘Grand Jury’ In Human History (Day 2) in March 2022.

Pascal Najadi is a retired Swiss business banker who advises countries and heads of state on the financial direction of the country. His father, Hussain Najadi, was co-founder of the World Economic Forum. Najadi Snr exited WEF in 1980s out of disdain with the organisation, leaving Klaus Schwab at the helm. Hussain Najadi was gunned down in 2013 in Kuala Lumpur for revealing corruption in his Ambank by Malaysian politicians and top executives of PM Najib’s administration.

WHO, GAVI, and WEF are the specific Zurich entities. Najadi calls these three, together with Big Pharma and Big Tech, the Head of the Snake in the pandemic scam. Both GAVI and WEF operate with diplomatic immunity in Switzerland.

GAVI is Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization, which is a Bill Gates’ vehicle for public–private global health partnership with the goal of increasing access to immunization in poor countries. GAVI gives Bill Gates, a non-medical person, a totally unacceptable position to influence national health policies whilst peddling the drugs of Big Pharma in which he has substantial investments.

Najadi’s participation in the revolt against vaccine would be taken lightly at the scammers' peril. In December 2021 Najadi filed a criminal complaint with Swiss police against Alain Berset, then Swiss Health Minister and President. The complaint was Berset either lied, or he acted with gross negligence, when prior to the referendum for extension of Covid-19 Vaccine Certificate, he said on TV that the certificate is proof that the person is not contagious when in fact, at the time, it had already been established both vaccinated and unvaccinated can be contagious. Najadi’s police report led to an Attorney General investigation which forced the resignation of the Swiss President and his retirement from politics.

The game is basically over, but the Singapore Government is very late on the curve. It has recently spent another few hundred million dollars on a vaccine people no longer want. Slowly but surely, anecdotes are building up that just like many other countries, Singapore has its fair share of SDS (Sudden Death Syndrome) and healthy young adults cut down by heart attacks and incapacitated by myocarditis. Turbo cancer is already getting noticed. The government trusted in the science when it comes to the vaccine. Why do they not trust in the science of high excess death statistics now starring at them right in the face?

My guess is bye and bye, vaccine injury and death anecdotes can no longer be suppressed. And when these tragedies struck close to home, Mark Twain will be proven correct yet again, as increasing numbers of timid Singaporeans rally to Iris Koh’s call.

A parting shout out :

Plato said:
“The price good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.”
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Alfrescian (Inf)
Sinkieland is a proud member of COVAX, and I'm sure the likes of Ho Ching received money indirectly from Bill Gates (Wellcome Trust).

Once you understand this, everything is easy. :cool:

Wellcome Leap Appoints Ho Ching to Board of Directors
March 18, 2021



Sinkieland founding member of COVAX: 7:36


The Jews are pulling the strings behind these entities. Larry Fink, the chairman of BlackRock, is Jewish. And you know about the Rothschilds.


High Order Twit / Low SES subject

Dutch rider Mark Groeneveld dies age 20​

Laura Weislo

2–3 minutes

Mark Groeneveld

Mark Groeneveld (Image credit: XSpeed United)
Mark Groeneveld, a Dutch racer with the Canadian XSpeed United Continental squad, died at the age of 20 while in Hong Kong in the early hours of Monday, the team announced.
Groeneveld competed in the Hong Kong Cyclothon (1.1) on Sunday but dropped out due to a mechanical issue. His death came well after the race, according to a report in Noordhollands Dagblad. He collapsed while out in public and could not be revived.
The team said the cause of death is under investigation but is possibly due to a cardiac arrest.
"It is with a heavy heart that we inform the passing of Mark Groeneveld, while on a project in Hong Kong," the team wrote on their Facebook page.
"On Monday, October 23rd, XSU and the world lost another great soul. Our deepest condolences go out to his family, team members, and friends.
"While the circumstances of Mark's passing are currently under investigation, we have received preliminary information that suggests it may have been due to a heart attack. We are working closely with the relevant authorities to gather all the facts and provide the necessary support to Mark's family during this painful period.
"Mark was an incredible individual and a cherished member of our team. He had a remarkable spirit, always ready to lend a hand behind the scenes with his infectious smile and warm-hearted nature. His presence brightened our days, and he will be deeply missed by all who had the privilege to know him."
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Laura Weislo has been with Cyclingnews since 2006 after making a switch from a career in science. As Managing Editor, she coordinates coverage for North American events and global news. As former elite-level road racer who dabbled in cyclo-cross and track, Laura has a passion for all three disciplines. When not working she likes to go camping and explore lesser traveled roads, paths and gravel tracks. Laura's specialises in covering doping, anti-doping, UCI governance and performing data analysis.

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High Order Twit / Low SES subject

Sonny Colbrelli suffered an unstable cardiac arrhythmia at Volta a Catalunya​

Kirsten Frattini

4–5 minutes

Italian Sonny Colbrelli of Bahrain Victorious pictured at the start of the mens elite race of the Omloop Het Nieuwsblad oneday cycling race 2042km from Gent to Ninove Saturday 26 February 2022BELGA PHOTO DAVID STOCKMAN Photo by DAVID STOCKMANBELGA MAGAFP via Getty Images

Sonny Colbrelli (Bahrain Victorious) (Image credit: Getty Images)
Doctors have confirmed that Sonny Colbrelli suffered an unstable cardiac arrhythmia that required defibrillators for immediate treatment following his collapse at the finish line of stage 1 at the Volta a Catalunya Monday.
Bahrain Victorious confirmed in a medical update that doctors have not yet determined the cause of Colbrelli's arrhythmia and that he will undergo additional tests on Wednesday at the Hospital Universitari de Girona.
"Following the end of stage 1 of Volta a Catalunya, our medical team can confirm that Sonny Colbrelli suffered an unstable cardiac arrhythmia that required defibrillation," the team stated in a recent medical update.
"The cause is still to be determined, and the Italian rider will undergo further tests tomorrow at the Hospital Universitari de Girona."

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0 seconds of 1 minute, 30 secondsVolume 0%
Colbrelli finished second place on the uphill sprint stage 1 in Sant Feliu de Guíxols but collapsed just 100 metres after the finish line and required urgent medical attention. He was treated on-site before being taken to hospital in an ambulance 45 minutes after the finish of the stage.
The team confirmed that Colbrelli was in stable condition when he was transported by ambulance to the Hospital Universitari de Girona for additional treatment and thanked medical staff on-site for their help.
"The team would like to thank Borja Saenz de Cos – Emergency Nurse at Sistema d'Emergencies Mediques (Catalan Emergency Service) – for his prompt assistance at the finish yesterday and for supporting our medical staff in the management of the incident," the team said.
Colbrelli is currently recovering in hospital, and the team have stated that he is showing no sign of compromised heart function. Although the first round of tests have returned positive news, doctors aim to determine the cause of his cardiac arrhythmia in a series of follow-up tests on Wednesday.
"Sonny Colbrelli's clinical situation is good, and we wish him a prompt recovery."
With Colbrelli and Jack Haig out of the race, Bahrain Victorious remain at the Volta a Catalunya with Wout Poels, Dylan Teuns, Phil Bauhaus, Santiago Buitrago and Hermann Pernsteiner.
Cyclingnews spoke with Poels at the start of stage 2 in L'Escala, who wished his teammate Colbrelli a full recovery.
"It was a weird day yesterday, especially after the finish of the course," Poels said. "Let's hope everything goes well in the recovery for [Sonny Colbrelli]. The team has said in the press release everything we know."

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Kirsten Frattini is the Deputy Editor of Cyclingnews, overseeing the global racing content plan.
Kirsten has a background in Kinesiology and Health Science. She has been involved in cycling from the community and grassroots level to professional cycling's biggest races, reporting on the WorldTour, Spring Classics, Tours de France, World Championships and Olympic Games.
She began her sports journalism career with Cyclingnews as a North American Correspondent in 2006. In 2018, Kirsten became Women's Editor – overseeing the content strategy, race coverage and growth of women's professional cycling – before becoming Deputy Editor in 2023.

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High Order Twit / Low SES subject

Nathan Van Hooydonck in 'hopeful' condition after collapsing while driving​

Daniel Ostanek

5–7 minutes

Nathan Van Hooydonck in action for Jumbo-Visma at the 2022 Tour de France

Nathan Van Hooydonck in action for Jumbo-Visma at the 2022 Tour de France (Image credit: Getty Images)
Jumbo-Visma rider Nathan Van Hooydonck is reportedly in "hopeful" condition, after having been rushed to hospital after a serious car accident at around 8:30am on Tuesday morning.
According to news reports from Belgium, the 27-year-old was waiting at a junction in the town of Kalmthout, north of Antwerp with his pregnant wife in the passenger seat. He reportedly collapsed while waiting at a junction, causing an inadvertent acceleration into traffic.
Van Hooydonck's car reportedly hit five other vehicles on the other side of the junction before coming to a stop. Van Hooydonck was resuscitated at the scene before being rushed to Antwerp University Hospital along with his wife.
During the early afternoon, some seven hours after the crash, Sporza described Van Hooydonck's condition as "hopeful" with the website reporting that doctors had found no signs of brain damage. Van Hooydonck was reported to have been placed in an artificial coma. Later in the day, Jumbo-Visma confirmed that the Belgian was awake and uninjured, but would be evaluated to determine what caused his collapse.

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"A car with two occupants was waiting at the traffic lights at the intersection of Dorpsstraat and Kapelsesteenweg," spokesperson for the border police zone Patrick De Smedt said shortly after the crash, according to Het Nieuwsblad.
"The driver was resuscitated on site and taken to hospital in life-threatening condition. His pregnant wife who was sitting next to him was not injured but was also taken to hospital for a check-up."
Three other people in other cars involved in the accident – including a young child – suffered minor injuries, according to reports.

Jumbo-Visma – 'We cannot confirm rumours that his condition is critical'​

Jumbo-Visma released a statement on Van Hooydonck in the early afternoon, stating that they couldn't confirm any rumours that he's currently in a critical condition.
"We can confirm that earlier today our rider Nathan van Hooydonck became unwell while driving his car, leading to his involvement in a traffic accident," the team wrote in a statement posted to Twitter.
"He was subsequently transported to the hospital, where he is receiving good medical care. We cannot confirm rumours that his condition is critical. He is undergoing further medical examinations. Thank you all for your messages to Nathan and the team."
Team directeur sportif Grischa Niermann spoke to the media – including Sporza and Het Nieuwsblad – at the Vuelta a España.
The German director said that he doesn't have much information beyond what has been reported by the media. He did say that the riders at the Vuelta have been greatly affected by the news, adding that Van Hooydonck may currently be in an artificial coma.
"I don't know much more than what's in the media. We know he had an accident and is in hospital. I think he's in an artificial coma. I can't confirm whether or not he's in mortal danger," Niermann said.
"We do know that we, especially the riders, are very affected. We hope that Nathan is OK, that his condition improves, and that his wife is OK.
"The riders have reacted strongly to the news. We're here in the Vuelta with the leader's jersey and we'll be racing again soon. That's not easy, and I hope that soon we'll be able to focus our minds. You never want to hear this kind of news. We can only have hope."
Van Hooydonck, who turned pro with BMC in 2017, has raced with Jumbo-Visma since 2021, becoming a key part of the team's spring Classics and Tour de France lineups. He has been part of the team supporting Jonas Vingegaard to both of his Tour victories and also helped Primož Roglič during his 2021 Vuelta a España triumph.
His most recent race was at last week's Tour of Britain, where the Dutch team won five stages and the overall via Wout van Aert, and he was set to represent Belgium at the upcoming UEC European Road Championships in the Dutch city of Drenthe.
We can confirm that earlier today our rider Nathan van Hooydonck became unwell while driving his car, leading to his involvement in a traffic accident. He was subsequently transported to the hospital, where he is receiving good medical care. We cannot confirm rumours that his…September 12, 2023
See more

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Daniel Ostanek is Senior News Writer at Cyclingnews, having joined in 2017 as a freelance contributor and later being hired full-time. Prior to joining the team, he had written for numerous major publications in the cycling world, including CyclingWeekly, Rouleur, and CyclingTips.
Daniel has reported from the world's top races, including the Tour de France and the spring Classics, and has interviewed many of the sport's biggest stars, including Wout van Aert, Remco Evenepoel, Demi Vollering, and Anna van der Breggen.
As well as original reporting, news and feature writing, and production work, Daniel also oversees The Leadout newsletter and How to Watch guides throughout the season. His favourite races are Strade Bianche and the Volta a Portugal.

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High Order Twit / Low SES subject

Texas high school student collapses and dies after winning a cross-country race, the latest in a string of young athletes dying during competition​

Kenneth Niemeyer

3–4 minutes

  • A 16-year-old collapsed during a cross-country race in Texas.
  • Angel Hernandez was pronounced dead on October 13.
  • Hernandez showed no signs of illness before the race, coaches said.
A 16-year-old high school student in Texas is dead after he collapsed during a cross-country meet. He is another in a string of otherwise healthy high school athletes who have suddenly died during competition.
Angel Hernandez died on October 13 after finishing in first place in a three-mile race, according to The Cinco Peso Press, the school newspaper at Chisholm Trail High School in Fort Worth. Teachers at the school read a statement to students in class informing them of Hernandez's death at a hospital after the race, the paper reported.
Hernandez was an accomplished athlete who also played football and participated in karate. His running coach, Randall Durant, told the Press that Hernandez had become "one of the best" on the cross-country team.
Hernandez's cause of death has not been publicly released. The Tarrant County Medical Examiner and Eagle Mountain-Saginaw school district did not immediately return a request for comment from Insider.
Hernandez collapsed twice while friends helped carry him to a water station, according to KENS, a local CBS affiliate in San Antonio. Hernandez's karate coach, Ashley Wood, told the outlet that he showed no signs of illness before the race.
Chisolm Trails posthumously named Hernandez the school's "athlete of the week."
"Thank you, Angel, for all your hard work and determination," cross country coach Joseph Gifford wrote in the announcement. "You will be extremely missed."

Young athletes are at greater risk of cardiac arrest​

While Hernandez's death is not yet known, athletes under 30 can be at risk of cardiac arrest during intense competition. Sudden cardiac arrest is the leading cause of sport-related death in competitive athletes, according to a 2020 study published by the British Journal of Sports Medicine.
In August, a top high school basketball player died in Pinson, Alabama, after going into cardiac arrest during a school workout. A high school football player in Scottsdale, Arizona, was sidelined this summer after going into cardiac arrest during a workout.
's son, Bronny James, 19, was also rushed to the ICU last month after going into cardiac arrest during a practice at the University of Southern California, where he was expected to play this year. Another USC player, Vince Iwuchukwu, went into sudden cardiac arrest during a practice in July 2022, according to CNN.
The British Journal of Sports Medicine study also found that Black NCAA Men's Division I basketball players had the highest incidence rate of sudden cardiac arrest and death among athletes 11 to 29 years old.
Oklahoma City Thunder guard Keyontae Johnson collapsed on the court during a game in 2020, when he was 20 years old, while he was playing for the University of Florida.
Johnson later declined a $5 million insurance payout from the NCAA that would have required him to quit playing college basketball after the incident, according to USA Today. Johnson only saw time in five games at Florida the following two years before transferring to Kansas State, where he became a third-team All-American.