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Unlicensed Money Lending (Ah Long)behave like ISIS


Nowaday, many young teenagers are recruited to be salesperson for the unlicenced money lender looking for borrowers. Whatsapp and SMS messages often appear on strangers handphone. These Ah Long often induce by offering cheap interests rate for weekly/monthly installment.
From my understand those sucking Ah Long charges as high as 25% interests per 7 days. For example borrower loan $400 on Monday due date is Monday. He/She must fully settlement the amount of $500. If there is an one day delay usually cut off time is 6pm an additional penalty of $100 interests to be rolled next day, meaning on tomorrow that is Tuesday borrowers must settle in full either in $600 or another $200 to defer next 7 days. Sometimes borrowers had fully settled their agreed loan but those AH Long continue to extort the borrowers. They are behave like ISIS. Ah Long is law ! Understand most of them are Malaysian.



Alfrescian (Inf- Comp)
Congratulations Sinkies. Please thank your voted PAP masters for increasing your cost of living plus opening casinos to kill more gamblers. 70% voted for it .. Vote Liao Mai Comprain hokay! Lol :biggrin:


Obviously you were never ever broke or financially desperate before....
I most certainly have. However I was not stupid enough to borrow from the loan sharks. I used my brains to create an income stream while I clawed my way out of a hole I had dug for myself.