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Ujana, Good Property, spoilt by Management


Good owner,but sad management

“Money, money, money- Unnecessary fees charged will basically lead to people NOT using the facilities. What does that achieve? “Ujana parking fees for visitors” has already spread in the neighborhoods nearby. Can you imagine how embarrassing it is when your guest has to pay parking fees to park in a visitors lot in a condo!! I have had to apologize to a lot of my friends. Imagine if you lived in a landed property and your visitor had to pay parking fees for visiting you for more than 6 hours. PLEASE PUT YOURSELF IN MY SHOES and HAVE SOME EMPATHY, even though you don’t live here and will never have to experience it. If you can have empathy for me, then I can have empathy for you. If you can’t then why should I?”

Was is shock when the guard inform me about this. My family from KL often will come and visit me here. Now they have to pay RM50/night to park here (of course for sure they will park more than 6 hours if they park overnight.

Last time, my sister came here and stayed with us for five days on a school holidays . Pay the overnight rent, still acceptable (i even registered their name at the office). But now? What need to pay RM250? Crazy

For sure will not continue my tenancy here once my agreement lapsed."

This Ujana is managed by dubious Chairman & "Zoom Management & Services",