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Ujana Apartments, Massive Abuse by MC, MA


Re: Ujana apartment,

the MA has been transferred to only 1 Woman,
whose company has yet to be registered / newly registered.
Is such, legal ?

The Management remove me out of the owner's WhatsApp chat Group, to prevent my questions

I'm sorry to trouble Reader with disturbing posts, but feel that these are additional ingredients to collective learning experience,..so that overall,..the bigger situation can improve,...

1. Can the MA play the role of the exclusive Ujana Leasing Agent ,
and set up a website using Ujana's common funds for this purpose ?
Revenue from the successful tenant placement goes 50:50 to Ujana common Funds, and to the salaried MA staff as an incentive

They have already successfully closed some deals, and there is no proper formal agreement between MA & Ujana MC on this practice

2. Can the MC appoint the MA’s Staff to take over management of Ujana First, then the subject staff then opens a new company ?

3. Can the MA also rent a flat unit from Ujana, and stay-in the same Place, i.e. The MA’s role not also becomes that of a Tenant. Whether there was any Tenancy Agreement, I do not not know, as I do not have access to such information

so we have a situation in Ujana now, whereby the MA plays the roles of,

1. MA
2. Property Leasing Agent
3. Tenant to Ujana

Does the Act allow for this multiple roles ?

We have remember the fundamental relationship,....between the Owner’s Interests and the MA. In this case, the MA seems to be playing many other roles, other than that of a Property Manager.

Requests for Service have been ignored, delayed

Questions, not answered, and when answered were in a verbal, non-professional manner

Help !


Does anyone Know the background of this company,

"Zoom Management and Services "

Any old tom, prick & mary can start a company,..and become MA to Apartments in Johor ?

Zoom management and Services.jpeg


In JB, there are a few property management company offering jaga service.
The property management committee will pick one on annual contract basis by invitation usually based on the cheapest.
The committee is also responsible to hire the pools and lift maintenance, gardeners, etc, cleaning service, etc.


Does the Property Management Company need to be accredited ?
So far, it seems that any tom, dik & Mary, can be a Property Manager in Johor .

Can the Property Manager,

1. Rent and become tenant in the same property that the Manager is managing, and thus becomes Tenant ?

2. Be appointed by the MC to be the eXclusive Property Leasing Agent for Owners who desire to ent out their units ?

Sounds eXtremely Fishy,..these arrangements,....

Help !