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Toronto police are delivering coffee and food to allahu akbar protestors blocking North America’s busiest highway overpass



Facing mounting criticism for an alleged tolerance of a series of road-closing anti-Israel protests, Toronto police members have sparked renewed outrage thanks to a video showing them delivering coffee to said protesters.

Posted to social media platform ‘X’ at 2 p.m. on Saturday by Toronto lawyer and online commentator Caryma Sa’d, the video shows a Toronto police constable — his face concealed behind a black neck gaiter — delivering a cardboard urn of Tim Hortons coffee and a stack of cups — to anti-Israel protesters occupying the closed Avenue Road bridge over Highway 401.

The bridge, located within Toronto’s largest Jewish area, was the site of numerous demonstrations by anti-Israel activists.

That prompted Toronto police to close the bridge during the protests, prompting criticism of police kowtowing to protesters over enforcing the law.

Toronto police tweeted at 1:16 p.m. on Saturday that the bridge would again be closed, and that officers would be on scene to “keep demonstrators and passing traffic safe.”

When questioned by Sa’d’s videographer, the protester who received the coffee said that somebody had bought the coffee for them, but were unable to bring it to the bridge protesters as police were restricting access.

“The police are becoming our little messengers,” said the grinning man wearing black jacket and keffiyeh.

Avenue Road was blocked off by large TTC buses used by Toronto police as rolling barricades just north of Wilson Avenue.