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Canada allahu akbar protesters: 'Long live the Intifada!' Roads blocked, flags stomped by ‘cancel Christmas’ protests




In the final hours before Dec. 25, Canadian roads were blocked, overpasses were barricaded and malls were swarmed by screaming crowds as anti-Israel demonstrators attempted to make good on a promise to cancel Christmas.

On Saturday, a crowd of more than 100 moved through Downtown Toronto screaming for “intifada.” Demonstrators attempted to block entrances at Toronto’s Eaton Centre. And on Christmas Eve, an overpass and two approaches to Toronto’s Highway 401 were blockaded for several hours by a group waving Palestinian flags.

“People come here to escape hate and violence from world conflict zones. The vast majority of residents of Toronto do not want them recreated here,” Toronto City Councillor James Pasternak said in a statement urging police to rein in the Highway 401 blockade. He noted that plans for the illegal road closure had been issued hours in advance.