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Tiktok chiobu influencer wear white tshirt, no wear bra. Samsters bra cum nehji experts pls advise



I don’t wear a bra even with white T-shirts – it shows a lot but I really don’t care

A FASHION influencer has shared her unbothered attitude toward critics of the bra-free lifestyle.
Going braless can be comfortable and empowering, but also risky depending on your top.


TikTok user Del Marty shared her carefree attitude when she goes bralessCredit: TikTok
TikTok user Del Marty (@adigirll1) explained that she goes without a bra regardless of what she is wearing.
In her video, Del told viewers that she regularly wears a "white T-shirt with no bra."
The influencer then joked about her "brown nipples and areolas" being on show.
Del pretended to brush her hair to show her carefree attitude before doing a double take at her chest on display.

Covering her chest with her hands, the content creator acted as though she was shocked by her body.
The TikToker modeled a tight white cropped tee throughout the video.
"I don't really care though," the slim-built influencer wrote in the clip's caption.
Other TikTok users have been sharing their bra-free fashion statements.

One expectant mother revealed that she rarely wears a bra and doesn't care who notices.

Another content creator explained to her followers that she planned on going braless "all summer long."
Del's followers took to the comments section of her clip to share their thoughts on her look.
"Absolutely stunning and beautiful," one impressed viewer wrote.
Another TikTok user suggested: "Pasties to the rescue."
"If you don't care, we don't care. Except for very old dudes and Karens because they love to care about other people's business," commented a third person.

The influencer covered her chest as she posed in a tight white cropped T-shirtCredit: TikTok


There's nothing there to conceal. Airport runway. She's embarrassing herself only by making the video.


Alfrescian (Inf)
Funny to see charbor covering up their pokies but have no problem showing their cameltoes when wearing leggings. Where is their sense of priority?


Alfrescian (Inf)
Attention whores do anything to gain a bit of views, likes, follows on their shitty videos.

Looks like it worked.


Alfrescian (Inf)
Any sister here an advocate for the no-bra campaign ? Please share your experience of freeing your mammaries and let them rock like jelly.