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The three doctors...


Dr Chee SJ: Supposedly falsify or misuse NUS research funds. Knocked out there then knock out reputable Mr Chiam, got sued by Chiam and got sued by Lee et al er how many times I lost count. Tried and tried and tried and super tried to win an election in PAP land but failed while the WP suceeded beyond dreams. A friend of now dictators-loving Aung San S K (however you spell her once human rights-loving name). Don't know if still friends.

Probability of winning any election, General or Presidential or dreamers: 0 %

Loved by netizens: Only the human rights ones.

Dr Tan CB (clean your mind, it's not the female organ!): Once a crook, sorry, once a MIW, no, once part of Emperor Palpatine sorry Harry sorry "the man who hates his English name" supporter ie, once part of the Dark Side. has been a favourite of some/many netizens/non-Sinkies. Failed in a Presidential Election, not really his fault but still, losers are losers. Then CMI in the next PE (not the school kind but close) because of some law saying a half Ah Neh, half Mud is better than a Chink. Great Man?

Probability of winning any election, General or Presidential : I wage less than 25%. Depends who he gets in bed with (no not R Ngerng or that J Wham)

Loved by netizens: The dreamer kind.

Dr PJ (not the act of peeing) Thum: This one never had a political history. But this one damn smart leh, or chim or whatever Singlish term you call it. Rhodes (not PAP) Scholar, ACSian (he is a clear example of 'The Best is Yet to Be') and so many other stuff. Arose long before, but famous in (talking down?) a Minister because of his scholarly work/evidence on 'fake news'. But now casted by PAP (and WP Secertary General) as a dissident and one who is loved by a certain fat freelance blogger (Callum Stewart, you should consider how faithful is your wife).

Probability of winning any election: 0 (ok lah, he's not the MP kind but he'll attempt to serve in other ways)

Loved by netizens: Those that love Kirsten Roy N and Han HH.