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Chitchat The retirement of Singapore's beloved star

Scrooball (clone)


S'porean comedian-actor Henry Thia, 72, semi-retires​

Not quitting showbiz yet, though.​

Fasiha Nazren

Singaporean comedian and actor Henry Thia, also known as "Hui Ge", is semi-retiring.

According to a press release from King Kong Media Production, the 72-year-old's contract with the company expired in March 2024.

Slowing down​

After several discussions, Thia decided not to renew it as he hopes to "slow down his pace and enjoy semi-retirement life".
He said: "I'm getting older, my health isn't as good as before; my eyelids keep twitching, and I lack control over my legs. I don't want to work so hard anymore."

He added that his three daughters and grandchildren hope he can retire soon and enjoy his life.

Speaking of his experience working with Mark Lee, fellow comedian-actor and co-founder of King Kong Media Production, Thia said Lee has taken good care of him and that the decision to not renew his contract was "not easy".

Not quitting showbiz yet​

While he is semi-retiring, the actor stressed that he is not quitting showbiz just yet.

The press release mentioned: "He hopes to continue bringing laughter to everyone. He will devote a certain amount of energy and time to continue acting, shooting commercials, and participating in some commercial performances, as long as it's not too strenuous."

Thia has been in the entertainment industry for over 30 years.

He has been involved the production of over 150 variety shows, movies, television dramas, and online short films.

He recently starred in "Money No Enough 3" alongside Lee and Jack Neo.

Top image from King Kong Media Production and @alamakhui on Instagram.

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