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The Overseas Sikhs


Sikhs are a very small community of about 25 million spread over all the world.
Why have they spread throughout the world?
There is a very interesting story about this.
Here it is.

Guru Nanak travelled extensively to spread the message of love, compassion and humanity, and to profess the purpose of human life on Earth. Nanak had gained immense popularity and was highly respected by all sects of society. The news of his visit to any village would reach much before his arrival, and people used to prepare their villages in advance to welcome him.

But, in one of his journeys, Nanak along with his companion and disciple Mardana were getting into a village to have a different experience. The natives of this place were cold, haughty, and disdainful. The village was headed by cruel landlords and hypocritical priests who did not like a holy man visiting them.

They let Nanak into their village as per the prevalent customs, but showed their arrogance and bragging in one way or the other to indicate that he was an unwelcome guest, and that he should leave their village.

Nanak spent some time with them in an attempt to teach them the truth, but realized that the natives were not willing to change at all. So, he decided to leave from there. He used to bless the people of every village before moving on to the next. Keeping this tradition upon leaving the village, he raised his hand and blessed the villagers, and said, “Vasde raho” (may you stay and prosper here).

Having received an extremely cold treatment from the villagers, Mardana was astonished at Nanak’s blessings. But he had no clue as to why Nanak wished they stay there.

Further on their journey, they arrived in another village. The natives here were simple, loving, kind, and gracious in their behavior. Every day, the villagers would get together and listen to Nanak’s lessons of wisdom. Very keenly involved, they would ask Nanak their questions, and they learned from him how they could transform their lives to overcome their sufferings and embrace excellence.

Nanak spent a few days with them. When he realized his purpose had been served, he bid farewell to the village. While leaving, in his customary style, Nanak raised his hand to bless the villagers, and said, “Ujad Jao” (may you get displaced).

Hearing Nanak’s benediction, Mardana was completely baffled. Unable to control his curiosity, he asked, “O Nanak, you blessed those who ill-treated us to stay, and these people who have been so nice to us, you are blessing them to get displaced. Why? I cannot understand the point.”

Nanak gave a discerning reply, “The natives of the previous village are conceited. Their towering ego has closed their minds to new insights, so there isn’t even a chance for transformation. They do not possess good values and morals. It is better they stay within their village, so that, their egoism doesn’t affect others. Contrarily, people of this village are good and they carry great values. If they are displaced, they will go to other places. Wherever they will go, they will enrich others with their high values and character. They will bring positivity among people. They have the potential to change the society for betterment.”

Mardana, bemused at Nanak’s enlightened vision, fell on his feet and thanked God for he had the most wonderful teacher one could ever have.

Hence many Sikhs have left Punjab and moved on to many countries all over. It is joked that you may even find a Sikh on Mars.



Only 1 or 2 Sikhs are left in Afghanistan. There were about 80,000 before the Taliban came to power.
Sikhs would learn the local customs and language.
Here is an Afghan Sikh now in London singing in Pastho mixed with a little Punjabi.

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When Punjabi Sikh girls fight you better watch out.

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The Last Sikh in Afghanistan.
There were thousands of Sikhs in Afghanistan but now only one remains.
Imagine what you would feel if you are the last one
In Singapore in the 1980s there were about 25000 Sikhs in Singapore.
Now I would say there are less than 10000 left.



The only solution for the Sikhs is a separate state just as about two-three hundred years ago when the Sikhs fought and defeated the Afghans and formed their own nation. Sikhs have been the only ones to ever defeat the fierce Afghans who till date have not been defeated even recently by superpowers like Alexandra the Great, USA, Russia, Britain and France -- who had to flee the Afghans with their tails between the legs.
When faced with a fierce enemy you have to look fiercer than them and be like a lion. Hence, the last Sikh Guru Gobind Singh gave all Sikhs the name Singh meaning Lion.

One of the battles between the Sikhs and the Afghans



The Golden Temple in the early morning at 4:00 a.m.
As you approach the Golden Temple you will feel a complete sense of peace and calm and all your worries will depart

Some of the comments

its one of my dream to come there and see the beautiful golden temple in amritsar. sending love from philipines​

I as a Sri lankan buddhist visited, few weeks ago , this holy beautiful place.Very claming and spiritual

I am from indonesia.....respect golden temple..nice place....

This place is heaven .

Takes my breath away. Thank you.

Just when you enter this place... The peaceful energy will pass through your body, you Will be tranquilized by that. I'm an atheist, but this place compell me to believe. ------ this comment captures what even a non believer will experience.



Only the Sikhs have so much tolerance that they invite the Muslims or people of any other faith to their Gurdwara to pray and have food.



Muslims show their gratitude in the comments

--- Singh is King.... Heart touching.... May Allah bless my sikh community....love from Kashmir
--- Muje bhut accha Laga so beautiful msg ..Allah hu akbar ..I love Allah .. --- I loved it malot so beautiful, etc

But of course some weak Hindus pass negative comments

Even in Malaysia see the Malay praying in the Sikh Gurdwara.
They feel very comfortable and welcomed.
There are 4 doors at the Golden Temple which signify people of every faith are welcome as we pray to One God.

Malaysian police having langar - free food served to all at the Sikh Gurdwaras



Sikodolauka's one favourite Punjabi song.
Punjabi Sikhs are only about 26 million but the whole of India listens to Punjabi songs.
Without Sikhs, India is a boring place.



Alfrescian (Inf)
in saf training many sikhs don’t wrap and unwrap turbans from scratch every day. they just put on their (already) pre-wrapped turbans over their heads and attend to morning fall-in.