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Tesla is the worst performing stock in the S&P 500. Analysts say it has further to fall


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For a direct comparison, most parents will still want to have the final say on what their children can and cannot do until at least they have turned 21 years old. No?

Most parents rightly want to have control over what sort of values are imparted to their offspring during the formative years. However parents' rights are also under siege in many so called Western "democracies" with the state trying to ride roughshod over the the wishes of parents by introducing legislation which makes it illegal for parents to intervene in various aspects of a child's upbringing.

Make no mistake much of the Western world has lost its independence and it is the globalists that are calling the shots because it is the global elite that stand to benefit from the policies they are implementing eg open borders, compulsory medical procedures, gender fluidity etc.

I can agree with you that no government can totally tolerate "Freedom of Speech". Otherwise, what is the word "governance" means? This is the kind of world which we live in and will have to accept it.

Governance has to be by the consent of the people for a country to be classified as a democracy. Once people fear the government we'll end up with the situation we have in Singapore. I'm not saying that is necessarily a bad thing. Under LKY Singapore benefited immensely because we were lucky enough to have an authoritarian leader who was relatively benign. However there is no guarantee against a murderous monster one day inheriting the throne.
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Why do I say Tesla's future looks gloomy?

a. Their Giga factories in Berlin and China will become a liability especially if they are only utilized at less than 70% capacity. Factories cannot allow their production plants running at such low capacities. Ideally, they should be at 90% capacity with the remaining 10% time for regular maintenance works. And what's the use of over production when you don't have so many buyers, thus creating a great imbalance between supply and demand? This is exactly the same scenario which China is now facing and it has no other choice but to export their productions (EVs, solar cells, steel, etc) worldwide, causing much retaliations everywhere. To make matters worse is the new extension (under construction now) next to their China Giga factory. I don't know how are they going to cope when it is ready for production or will it be eventually sold to the next Chinese manufacturer at a heavy loss, just like what happened to the Hyundai Chongqing plant in China.

b. What will happen should Trump takes over as POTUS come November 2024? Trump is never an advocate of clean energy and this is not going to be good for EV manufacturers.

c. With China's improvements, it's only a matter of time when Chinese EVs will improve on their build quality (except for Autonomous driving and its related softwares) and will catch up with Tesla. Not that I'm praising Chinese vehicles, already, how many Chinese vehicles have been sold worldwide presently as compared to just 5 years ago where almost everyone will spit on their quality and reliability. After all, this was also how Japan nourished and grew their automobile sector back in the 70s.

Yes, some of you may disagree with me. Do come back 1 year from now and we'll see how it will evolve.
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