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Taiwanese Pro-Unification March APPROVED! Want PLA to land ASAP! GVGT!





  • 「和平統一」遊行申請通過 社會譁然

  • 遊行主講人李毅是誰?強烈主張武統台灣

  • 假觀光真宣傳 移民署強制執行出境

  • 網民政官齊砲轟 要求盧秀燕踹共

  • 台中市府:合法合憲 不會撤除許可

  • 遊行內容不能事前審查 律師:警局依法執行

  • 警車幫忙開道?市警局澄清誤會一場

  • Is the "peaceful reunification" parade a blatant treason or a legal constitution? Can you understand if you can understand it once?

    A few days ago, the Taichung City Government approved the "peaceful reunification" procession, which triggered a positive and negative opinion debate. Members approved the mayor Lu Xiuyan "blatantly treason," but the Taichung City Police Department shouted "legal constitutionality and enforcement according to law." Can a parade that is suspected of "splitting the country" be prohibited beforehand?
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    "Peaceful Reunification" parade application through social ignorance

    Chen Jingtai, the Taiwanese acting director of the China Peaceful Reunification Promotion Association, applied for a 37-kilometer-long "Peaceful Reunification" parade in Taichung City on the 13th. After the approval of the security department of the Taichung City Police Department, it triggered a heated discussion.

    Who is Li Yi, the main speaker of the parade? Strongly advocates Wutong Taiwan

    The parade also invited Li Yi, who is known as the "American sociologist", as the keynote speaker. He was taken off. In fact, it is a Chinese scholar who supports Wutong Taiwan. He once said that "every minute is a disadvantage to the mainland." It is called for accelerating the great cause of the reunification of the motherland. It is also said that it is easy and can do whatever it wants.

    False tourism really promotes the Immigration Department to enforce the exit

    In addition, Li Yi applied for admission to Taiwan on the basis of sightseeing. He is not allowed to accept speeches or participate in political public activities according to law. Considering his martial arts remarks, the Immigration Department ordered to leave Taiwan. When the news came out, Li Yi suddenly became faint, provoked netizens to chase people all the way, and finally found his whereabouts in the early hours of the 12th and executed forced exit.
    Netizen government officials are shelling and demanding Lu Xiuyan

    Although Li Yi has left Taiwan, the parade is still coming. For the Taichung City government to approve the "peaceful reunification" parade, netizens expressed their dissatisfaction in Lu Xiuyan's Facebook message "Mayor, you owe a confession to the citizens of Taichung." Legislator Lin Jingyi also approved the "fundamental humiliation of Taichung people." Even Tao Yuan, member of the Taoyuan District, also questioned Lu Xiuyan’s flagrant treason.

    Taichung City: legal and constitutional will not remove the license

    The Taichung City Police Department and the Information Bureau have explained that since the application for the "peaceful reunification" march is legal and constitutional, and there is no such thing as advocating communism or splitting the country, the city is based on respect for freedom of speech and naturally has no reason to revoke it.

    The content of the parade cannot be reviewed beforehand. Lawyer: The police station enforces according to law.

    In the past, the system of "protesting communism or splitting the country" was banned beforehand, but the Chief Justice’s interpretation of the Constitution "pre-examined political speech unconstitutional" no longer allowed for ex ante review of the principle of clarity and the purpose or content of the speech. Lawyer Xu Chengyin also affirmed the actions of the city police station according to law.

    Police car to help clear the way? Municipal police station clarified a misunderstanding

    The Taichung City Police Station reiterated that this parade is stipulated in accordance with the regulations. If there are acts that are out of order and illegal in the day, it will be handled according to law, and will not be loaned. In addition, in the case of the "police car clearing" dispute, the Municipal Police Station clarified that Chen Jingtai had misrepresented it and would only send staff to assist in general traffic diversion and maintain order.