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Taiwanese Artist 黄安 Separatist Beggars are Bankrupted @ Dead-End


黄安:“台独”分子大多穷得要死 已走投无路
2018-03-13 19:21:53 来源: 海外网(北京) 举报
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(原标题:台艺人:“台独”分子大多穷得要死 已走投无路)


海外网3月13日电 近日,被称为“台独克星”的台湾艺人黄安在微博发文称,自己在台遇到一名背着“台独”背包的机车骑士,对方“穷得要死、破得要死、慢得要死”,又住在“寒舍”。他表示,“‘台独’分子大多像这样,一台破摩托,明明走不快、走投无路、处处红灯,还死抱着能成功的幻想。”










Huang An: "Taiwan independence" elements are mostly poor and die.
2018-03-13 19:21:53 Source: Overseas Network (Beijing)

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(Original title: Taiwanese artists: "Taiwan independence" elements are mostly poor and dead.

Huang An (data map)

Overseas Network March 13th Recently, Taiwanese artist Huang An, known as the "Taiwan independence nemesis," sent a message on Weibo saying that he met a locomotive rider carrying a "Taiwan independence" backpack in Taiwan and the other party was "poorly dying." He must die to death, and he must die slowly." He said that "most of the 'Taiwan independence' elements are like this, breaking a motorcycle, obviously running unhurriedly, desperation, red light everywhere, and still holding the illusion of success."

According to Taiwan’s Associated Press, Huang An’s post on Weibo reads “Taiwan independence and nemesis” and “Taiwan independence”. In red paint, I splashed water on your 'Taiwan independence' molecule, and the text was upgraded to become fighting!"

Huang An pointed out that recently he had accidentally encountered a red light from a "Taiwan independence" element, such as cycling, and he decided to follow his whim. He did not expect the other party to be "Taiwan independence" who was so poor that he was dying, and the bicycle was still dead. Slowly to death, and finally to the other's home, a look is "cold house", let him feel "Hey, forget." Huang An said that “Taiwan’s independence” elements are mostly like this, breaking a motorcycle, clearly not going fast, desperation, red light everywhere, and still holding the illusion of success.

Reprimanding big and small "Taiwan independence"

Huang An has always been hailed as the “Taiwan independence domineering star” because of his clear cross-strait stand. Recently, because of dissatisfaction with the Cai authorities promoting the "Laugish Law," which is the so-called "one example of one", the "Legislative Forces" of the "Taiwan independence" party "Legislative Committee" gathered in the Tsai Ing-wen office and sat on a hunger strike. Explained.

Huang An later issued a statement on Weibo: “As the saying goes, do not go into the kitchen when you are afraid of heat.” 'Taiwan independence’ party’s “power of the times” ran a sit-in protest against Tsai Ing-wen in front of Tsai Ing-wen’s office. This was “Taiwan’s independence” protest against “Great Taiwan independence”. "What?", "Say, you guys come to show it?"

Huang An mocked and said, “Is it true that the hunger strike sit-in protest? Let’s play it really. Don’t worry about low temperature and low blood sugar. Tsai Ing-wen doesn’t come out. “The power of the times” starves to death in front of Cai’s office!” he also said. There is no new trick to play. Huang Guochang's set of you was long seen by the Taiwan people. Similarly, your 'Taiwan independence' is also false, and it is only true that you are promoted to make a fortune."

Huang An: It's not enough for us to think about ourselves.

Of course, Huang An had also been criticized by a small number of people for "anti-Taiwan independence" speech and "captured a traitorous traitor" hat. Huang An emphasized that he is deeply responsible for Taiwan’s love. “Those who are good and honest in Taiwan are deceived by the Democratic Progressive Party’s politicians and make me angry”. As for some people who questioned their self-promotion, Huang An responded by saying: “I have no official posts and no posts on the mainland, not fame and fortune, and expressing patriots sincerely is a thought that comes from within.” He also indicated that he had recruited some Taiwanese to attack. There was no benefit, but insisted that "it is not possible to think too much about yourself in the face of major issues."

Regarding "Taiwan independence", the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council has repeatedly stressed that the mainland and Taiwan belong to one China, and cross-strait relations are not state-to-nation relations, nor are they "one China, one Taiwan." As an inseparable part of Chinese territory, Taiwan has never been a country and it will never be a country. The mainland side resolutely opposes any form of "Taiwan independence" words and deeds, will never allow the historical tragedy of the splitting of the country to repeat itself, and the secession of "Taiwan independence" will inevitably bear its own consequences.