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Everyone in life do have some unfortunate and unforeseen situation… is just a matter, who got more and who got less..
In this article, the lady was sick of her provety lifestyle and she choose to be a prostitute. Of cos there are also ladies who was being forced…
Just a little thinking , not many man in this world can accept their wife for being prostitute or even some other man 小三。so ladies, in an event anyone of you are in such a situation. You just need to level your own expectations
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Scrooball (clone)

Translated : If a person doesn't even have clothes to wear and can't even fill her stomach, how can she talk about dignity?

You bunch of Oppo cocksuckers better know this. No point complaining bout govt. Even if Oppo gets elected, they are still politicians in the end and will just be as bad. Better to be self reliant.