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Serious SYT Hazelle Kills Lizard With Her Car Door! Lao Hero Chen Hanwei To The Rescue!


Alfrescian (InfP)
Generous Asset

Remember when YES933 DJ Hazelle Teo drove around with a dead bird on her car thinking it was a tree husk?

Just when we thought that it was a one-off incident, it seems like Hazelle’s icky encounters with dead animals have yet to come to an end.

A couple of days ago (Oct 6), Hazelle posted a series of pics on her IG documenting her experience with a dead lizard.

But first, she warned those who have an aversion to creepy crawlies to “skip the next few IG stories”... and you should probably stop scrolling here if you’re one of those people, too.


Really quite icky
The subsequent posts from Hazelle were pics of the poor lizard crushed by the door of her car.

“Someone tell me why these things keep happening to me,” asked Hazelle, before wondering how the lizard got there in the first place.


Poor Hazelle was super stressed out by the situation
When 8days.sg caught up with Hazelle, she tells us that she “vaguely remembers shutting [her] car boot door the previous night”, and that the sound of it closing made her feel like “it wasn’t shut tight”.

So she did a quick check to see if her doors were properly shut, and they were, so she left.

It was only the next day at Mediacorp when she found out she had unintentionally slammed the door on the poor creature.