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Chitchat Lao Chio Cynthia Koh Last time Got Big Temper, Must be Passionate in Bed!



Cynthia Koh admits to being bad tempered in the past, once flared up at an assistant director over an inconvenience​

Cynthia Koh admits to being bad tempered in the past, once flared up at an assistant director over an inconvenience

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Published April 19, 2024
Updated April 20, 2024
Mediacorp actress Cynthia Koh, 50, recently guest-starred on Capital 958 DJ Huang Shujun's show (城市爱生活), where they engaged in a chat about life and wellness.
There, Cynthia revealed that she used to be very bad-tempered. “My friends all said I had an impatient temperament. It led me to think about ways in which I could change this bad habit,” she said.
On one occasion, the actress was out shopping for floral tea with her friend when she got to know about Bach flower remedy, which involves the use of wild flower extracts to treat one’s psychological problems and pain.
The remedy was developed by British doctor Edward Bach in the 1930s, and he believed that it would aid in healing negative emotions, which would in turn, heal one’s body.
“I randomly picked one out of the 38 flower essences available to regulate my irritability. I didn’t notice any results when I first started drinking it. However, after a month [of consuming it], there was a day when I found out that my car had been scratched. Normally, I would lose my temper and get mad. Instead, I noticed a nearby CCTV and approached the security to help resolve the issue,” Cynthia recalled.
The incident led Cynthia to realise that she was able to manage her emotions differently when it came to handling matters she would otherwise kick up a fuss about in the past.
“My way of thinking changed. The flower remedy really showed results. After that, I also learnt more about spiritual remedies, and started using sound healing to heal myself and others in various situations,” she added.
She's now a healing pro

According to Cynthia, there used to be many assistant directors who were nervous to work with her in the past. She revealed: “They’ve become directors and producers, and they now say that ‘Cythia used to be different in the past”.”
Cynthia admits to being a perfectionist, and she finds it hard to control her emotions when things aren’t managed at a certain high standard.
“Once, I arrived at the make-up studio only to be informed by the assistant director that filming had been cancelled as someone was sick. I immediately lost my temper and scolded the assistant director!” she said.
Having a rash temper in her youth also led Cynthia to have a reputation as “a thoughtless person” who “wasn’t a team player”.
She then revealed that it’s been 10 years since she started worked on managing her bad temper.
“I believed that my bad temper wasn’t benefitting me in any way. If I continued [behaving that way], other parties would have an unhappy time working together with me, and I would also bring others unnecessary pressure.”
Cynthia then said she now takes a more tactful approach when expressing her thoughts to others.
Watch Cynthia in I Do, Do I? here on mewatch on in the video below:

Cynthia and Shujun with the former's sound healing device Photos: Huang Shujun, 8world, Cynthia Koh/ Instagram

syed putra

It's got nothing to do with that stupid flower.
She wasn't bonked in a proper manner.
Anyone who has not been bonked good and proper would have a bad temperament.


Alfrescian (Inf)
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