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Hi Bro - sorry for asking as i'm not very familiar with CC game but looking at yr winning pic, i cannot make out which combi of bet X lines can equal to yr "100-credit" bet amount? Thx
Hahaha .... you need to ADJUST manually yourself under Game Menu
On the + and the - -------> to get 100 credits !
There was a discussion earlier on THIS same point here already 1-2x before :smile:

The DEFAULT Buttons are 25 [x1], 50 [x2], 75 [x3], 125 [x5] and Max 500 [x20] credits


Wishing all GONG XI FA CAI ! :smile: :biggrin: :smile:

I'm presently in retirement - from our casinos hehehe .....
Got other priorities n interests etc
Food, Netflix etc .....
When got Slot Itch will have a round or two at the FREE online DoubleU Casino games which are pretty FUN too
Keeping my funds for much better use elsewhere .....
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Some history - Ruby Room in MBS in the year 2010

How different is it these days ?
Free red wine & honey lemon served in High Limit area
Beer still need to be paid - from what I see tho'

Is the MBS Ruby Room Buffet still charged at $15 ? What's it like there ?
I only remember I DIDN'T like the HIGH BAR CHAIRS as clumsy me found difficulty clambering up & down hahaha
Are the SEATS/CHAIRS there lower now ?
At RWS earn 1 GP Gold Card & above can have FREE BUFFET upstairs [tho' strangely I have yet to avail myself of that THIS year]

Also RWS will come round in their carts with FREE Dinner & Supper - at least at the Orchid Room
Don't see FOOD being served at MBS - I guess it has got to do with the Ang Mo Culture
You want to EAT, you jolly well patronise one of their eateries eg Tong Dim, The Nest etc to have your Makan
It's VERY Rude/Uncivil to be seen Gambling AND Eating - especially at the Gambling Tables [my ex bf HATED seeing others eating away when he plays at the Baccarat Table - in Asian casinos]
I'm new here. Recently for the past months been to MBS only for slots.
Made some decent winnings. Used to read alot here and enjoyed the advice.
Sad to see the thread is kinda dead with last post in Oct 2016.
Come on slot warriors.