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Serious Sinkie Towkay Labelled As 'Traitor' Steps Down From Hongkie-Sinkie Huay Kwan!


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SINGAPORE - Businessman Philip Chan, who was issued a notice that the authorities here intend to designate him as a politically significant person under anti-foreign interference laws, has resigned from his role as president of the Hong Kong Singapore Business Association (HSBA).

The 59-year-old also stepped down from his post at charitable organisation SPD.

On Feb 2, the Hong Kong-born businessman became the first person to be dealt with under the Foreign Interference (Countermeasures) Act (Fica), a law that empowers the authorities to deal with foreign interference in domestic politics.

Mr Chan, a naturalised Singapore citizen, was assessed to have shown susceptibility to being influenced by foreign actors and a willingness to advance their interests, the Ministry of Home Affairs said, without naming any foreign entity. His activities were also assessed to be directed towards a political end in Singapore.

Responding to queries from The Straits Times, HSBA said on Feb 5 that its chairman Dennis Chiu accepted Mr Chan’s resignation, effective from Feb 2.

“We extend our deepest gratitude to Mr Chan for his invaluable contributions, dedication and leadership during his tenure,” said HSBA, which helps to link business communities in Singapore and Hong Kong, and promotes industry and commerce between both cities and China.

HSBA added that Mr Chan had said during the last annual general meeting on June 6, 2023, that he intended to step down from his role after his two-year term.

“This decision was made with the understanding that his term would naturally conclude in June 2024, and, as part of the succession planning, it was anticipated that a new president would be selected and voted in by the end of his term,” said HSBA.

Mr Chan was also a member of SPD’s resource mobilisation and partnerships committee, which he asked to step down from on Feb 4.

SPD chief executive Abhimanyau Pal said the board of management has accepted Mr Chan’s resignation. He added: “SPD’s policies and practices exclusively serve our mission of supporting persons with disabilities. SPD does not and has not participated in any activities that are political in nature.”

Mr Chan was also a patron of the Kampong Chai Chee Citizens’ Consultative Committee and the Bukit Timah Community Club management committee. The People’s Association said in a statement on Feb 2 that he has stepped down from all grassroots appointments.

He is also president of the Kowloon Club, which helps new immigrants integrate into Singapore society. The Straits Times has contacted the club for comment.

Mr Chan has 14 days from Feb 2 to submit representations to the Registrar of Foreign and Political Disclosures. If Mr Chan is designated as a politically significant person, he can appeal against the registrar’s decision to Minister for Home Affairs K. Shanmugam.

When reached, Mr Chan said he has no statements to make, nor will he make public his presentations to the registrar.