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Sinkie hired for one of most important jobs despite having no relevant credentials


In what world does an applicant without relevant qualifications and work experience hired for a very senior position?

In the world controlled by Familee, the dynasty founded by Old Fart.

Indeed it was Old Fart who started the trend of hiring unqualified people to positions of power and influence. An example is the appointment of his elder daughter-in-law to oversee Familee's treasure vaults, which by right, belong to the citizens of Zikapore.

David Koh Tee Hian--I hope I got his Chinese name right--is heading Cyber Security Agency of Sinkieland. He's been hired in spite of his lack of relevant academic qualifications and work experience. The only reason for employing him is he belongs to the upper caste system. (Yes, in Zikapore an unwritten caste system exists. Its apex consists of the royals of Familee. Beneath them are the natural aristocrats. The third tier comprises Sinkie elites, of whom David Koh is one.)