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Singapore Democratic Party (SDP)


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October 2017

Continuing our groundwork and visiting residents at Ghim Moh.

Our message: We need an effective opposition to hold the PAP accountable and make the system transparent.



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Going on our walkabout at Bukit Batok tomorrow (Sunday, October 29, 2017) to sell our latest edition of The New Democrat.

This issue talks about PAP's broken election promises and increasing of prices even as Singaporeans hurt from the slow economy. Come by to get a copy and say hello. Blk 154, 9 am. Hope to see you there. In the meantime, have a good weekend, all.



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November 15, 2017
The train collision this morning could have resulted in more than just injury to commuters, it could have been deadly.

The leadership at the very top – starting with Mr Khaw – must take responsibility for this latest as well as earlier mishaps. He cannot continue to blame workers and use them as scapegoats.


SDP repeats call for Khaw to step down after train collision
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by Singapore Democrats

Following the flooding of the train tunnel on 7 October 2017, the SDP called for Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan to step down as it had become clear that he is unable to resolve the problems that plague the SMRT.

The SDP renews our call for Mr Khaw to resign his post following the train collision at Joo Koon station this morning.

The Minister blamed the tunnel-flooding incident on a small and isolated group of maintenance staff of the company, taking disciplinary action against them and cutting their bonuses.

He said yesterday at the Public Transport Workers' Appreciation Day: “A small group of SMRT workers had negated the good work of other SMRT workers and brought disrepute to other transport workers.”

It is obvious that with the train collision this morning, the problems at SMRT is not confined to just a small band of workers. There is systemic failure on the part of the management team which at the apex sits Mr Khaw.

Already under his watch, two maintenance workers were killed in 2016 at the Pasir Ris station because of the breakdown of the safety system. Back then, two SMRT were blamed and sacked.

Problems regarding maintenance continued until 7 October when the tunnel flooded. The incident was dangerous and could have jeopardised the physical safety of passengers.

Similarly, the train collision this morning could have resulted in more than just injury to commuters, it could have been deadly.

The leadership at the very top – starting with Mr Khaw – must take responsibility for this latest as well as earlier mishaps. The widespread and persistent malfunctioning of the system is another indication of the poor leadership in our public transport system.

At the minimum, a thorough and independent investigation of the collision must be conducted. However, it cannot simply end with Mr Khaw blaming SMRT workers and scapegoating them. He must take responsibility and step down. He must hand the work to someone else who can provide the requisite leadership that will resolve the woes of our train system before an even more disastrous event occurs.


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PAP cannot be trusted to keep election promises on not raising taxes

/ 2017 » November » 20
by Singapore Democrats
Monday, 20 November 2017


During the general elections in 2015, Mr Tharman said that “there is no basis” to claims that the GST would be increased to fund increased public spending.

But Mr Lee Hsien Loong finally admitted yesterday at the PAP conference that it was inevitable that taxes would have to be raised to fund government spending.

While the PAP has so far not raised the GST after the elections, it has increased taxes and fees for a slew of items.

In 2016, the government increased carpark fees by as much as 27 percent. It has also raised ERP charges for several gantries as well as added new gantries on the expressways.

The government also announced plans to restrict vehicle growth rate to zero percent, thus ensuring that COE prices would skyrocket. It also has indicated that bus and train fares would go up. In 2016, it raised taxi-licence fees.

This year, it raised water prices by an alarming 30 percent.

PAP-run town councils also upped Service & Conservancy Charges by as much as $17 depending on the flat-type.

In addition, immediately after the GE in 2015 the PAP raised fees for its kindergartens and childcare centres. It increased the fees again in 2017.

Such hikes continue to pile pressure on Singaporeans who are already feeling the financial pain from the high cost of living and a slowing economy in Singapore.

During the Buklit Batok by-election last year, Minister Shanmugaratnam also accused the SDP of spreading “fear and alarm” through our alternative policy proposals.

Referring to the SDP's call for universal healthcare and unemployment insurance, the DPM said that he was “troubled” by these populist policy proposals and that the SDP should tell the people that these programmes are not free.

The PAP has the habit of criticising the SDP during the elections and then quietly adopting our ideas thereafter. For example, the government introduced the Returner Work Trial this year which is essentially a retrenchment benefits scheme similar to the SDP's that we proposed in 2010.

Also in 2012, the SDP proposed that our “individual health care risks be pooled” in a nationalised healthcare insurance programme. Three years later, the government introduced its Medishield Life, saying that “everyone shares in the national risk pool”.

Not only has the PAP copied our ideas, it now wants to increase taxes to pay for the programmes as stated by PM Lee in his party speech yesterday.

So the next time Mr Tharman accuses the SDP of proposing populist policies, he should also tell the public that his party is bankrupt of ideas and has to adopt the SDP's proposals.

He should also be up front with the people and stop denying that our warnings of the government raising taxes have no basis.


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Staggering that Keppel's board did not know of scandal

/ 2018 » January » 6
by Singapore Democrats

The bribery, one of the biggest in the US history in terms of penalties imposed and certainly the biggest in Singapore's history, had even implicated Brazil's former president Lula da Silva and brought down Dilma Rousseff's presidency, leading the country to political chaos.

Even more significantly, the illegal payments went on for 14 years! It beggars belief that such a corrupt practice would go undetected by Keppel's boards.

Read more » http://yoursdp.org/…/staggering_that_keppel…/2018-01-06-6215